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Galaxy Legion is a space strategy Facebook game where you command a spaceship in your quest to dominate the galaxy.

In Galaxy Legion you will discover and colonize planets, research powerful technology, and arm your ship with a wide array of modules, crew, and special devices. You will embark on strange and risky missions throughout the galaxy, and the rewards will be great.

Galaxy Legions is developed by Dan Montgomery, and it is a really great space strategy game, with lots of options and deep gameplay.

In this Galaxy, there is a relentless battle for resources and territory. You and your legion of allies are at the center of this conflict, as is the ship you’ve been given to command.

Missions are important tasks that you can perform to gain rewards and experience. (By gaining experience, you can increase your rank which will allow you to perform ship upgrades).  As you gain experience and new ranks, new missions will become available.

Galaxy Legions, features guilds or legions, which is your group of friends and allies who fight together in the galaxy. It will be challenging to face your enemies alone. Your legion can trade together, defend each other’s planets, and coordinate attacks on targeted planets and enemies.

Trade is another essential part of Galaxy Legions, the  Trade Center is the main area for planetary commerce and legion trading. Here, your ship can accept shipments of minerals or artifacts from your planets. Goods can be bought or sold for market value, or sent to someone in your legion. Your ship’s cargo hold is only large enough to carry a certain amount of goods, so it is important to check back often, selling and trading when necessary.

There is much more to discover in Galaxy Legions, the game has a great help system, and each items has a mouse over help with a small explanation, you also start with a detailed tutorial, that you can always repeat in the help tab.

As a footnote, I want to thank our readers for sharing games not in our list yet, Galaxy Legions is one of those cases, the game is up and running for a while, but some times games are difficult to find, if you share it is much easier!

Tips and Tricks

Galaxy Legions Races and professions

Aerlen prefer anonymity and try to avoid conflict. Aerlen ships are very fast and difficult to target.

Ability: 30% extra ship defense

Inergon are beings capable of absorbing energy from everything around them.

Ability: 10% extra max energy

Humans adapt quickly to their surroundings, and fit a wide variety of roles.

Ability: 10% bonus to experience gains

The Konqul are a race of rigidly organized and aggressive soldiers.

Ability: 20% extra ship attack

Sillixx are well known as proficient traders. Their ships are larger than all other races.

Ability: 10% extra ship size

The Vygoid replaced most of their original physiology with technology. They have an affinity for all scientific pursuits.

Ability: 20% bonus to research


Biologist: Trait: 30% extra planet population

Spy: Trait: 20% extra cloaking

Physicist: Trait: 30% extra shielding

Explorer: Trait: 20% extra scan ability

Builder: Trait: 50% reduced upkeep

Merchant: Trait: 30% extra cargo space

Galaxy Legions Wiki

Galaxy Legions Forum

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