Galaxy Life

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: Digital Chocolate
  • Monthly Users: 500000
  • GD Star Rating

Galaxy Life is another city building strategy game on Facebook, developed by Digital Chocolate, the follows the same gameplay as other recent Facebook strategy games like Edgeworld or Empires & Allies, the scenario is set on space and features the most cute creatures, “starlings”.

In Galaxy Life, and after a short introductory story, you start out with a small outpost, and you have to lead your Starling colony to victory by placing new buildings, defensive structures to defense yourself for your enemies and by producing and training your own troops to explore the surrounding galaxy and the planets within.

Graphically superb, with a great tutorial and familiar game mechanics, nice and catchy music and sound effects, fast paced gameplay Galaxy Life is one of the best Facebook games of it’s genre I’ve encountered so far, it mixes city building, strategy, player vs players features, but with such presentation and softness that most Facebook gamers will enjoy.

After the initial building and exploration phase, the game evolves to a much more hardcore and strategic experience, you have to gather allies, but you will also need to expand and make some enemies among other players.

There is always the story driven mission, with quests, and all the other Facebook game features, like gifting, achievements, collections, etc…

Another great thing is the absence of energy restrictions, and the option to accelerate tasks using non paid resources.

At the moment some features are still unavailable, like the chat system or the Alliances.

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Galaxy Life, 4.5 out of 5 based on 31 ratings

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