Galaxy Online II

  • Genre: Space Strategy
  • Developer: IGG Inc.
  • Monthly Users: 10000
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Galaxy Online II is is a strategy game that you can play on Facebook, the game entitles like The free Best Sci-Fi browser game of 2011 on Facebook, lets see if it is true.

As the name suggests the game is set in a futuristic environment, where you control a called Ground Industrial Base, this is your starting point, where you can construct various buildings, including resource fields, market, commander center, etc.

As you start the game you are taken to a dashboard, with lots of options, the game has a sort of a daily checklist to help you get used to the game play, and also tutorial quest to introduce the player to the game. On the daily checklist you have harvest resources, complete daily quests, visit friends, grab resources, explore instances, gather vouchers and check battle reports, this checklist is a rather nice touch as allows beginners to not loose themselves while they get used to the gameplay.

Galaxy Online 2 features great graphics, lots of buildings and thing to do, and a deep gameplay. IF you like strategy games its a great game.

On the social side, you have a chat placed in the left low corner of the screen, and all the basic stuff, like visiting friends etc.

Galaxy Online 2 also features an HD play mode for extra details and graphics, this takes you to the igg website.

Galaxy Online 2 might be a little too demanding for some players as it is more strategy driven, than the most Facebook games, not for the casual player, but instead for fans, and those should like it a lot.

Tips and Tricks

How to Play Galaxy Online II

You start by choosing you username.

Here you can see the daily checklist dashboard, don’t forget to do this tasks!

At the beginning you will go through the tutorial, some simple quests to get you used to the game basics…

Friend request can be done and accepted directly from the game screen, which is great, as you don’t have to leave the game for it, also one of the first quest is to write something in the chat window, in the left-bottom corner of the game window.

Quests are presented in this nice window, in this particular on we have to build a Technology Center to enable the research on latest sciences.

After building, you can enter the structure, by clicking on it and choosing enter from the menu that appears, inside you can choose what to research in this case.

The first quests are very strait forward, but you might get stuck in the ship design one, you have a lot of options, from the base structure (on the left side, where you choose the type of ship, frigate, cruiser, battleship or special hull), after choosing battleship, you only have available the first one, the Estrella-I.

In the middle section you have multiple options, on top, you have three choices, attack module, defensive module and auxiliary module, after selecting one you will have several options bellow, in this case select the first one, attack module and then the second option bellow Cluster Laser Transmitter-I, click 4 times to add the weapon.

The next step is to choose the 3rd option, auxiliary mode, and bellow again the 3rd option, transmission module, and click 3 times in super transmission engine.

After choosing the name of your ship your set to go!

All you have to do now is go to the build button, on the bottom of the screen and choose build Warship.

A little explanation on the game screen.

At the bottom, you have from left to right:

Chat Window, then for buttons, space base, ground base, galaxy view and return to homeland .

Followed by the build button, where you build structures, warships, do science and blueprint research.

After comes the military options, ship design, create fleet, fleet supplies and commander options.

Following are the social options, ranking, auction, friends and corps.

The tools button, has the bag, mail, Quest and subsidiary option.

Finally the Mall/Lucky draw, where you can access the Mall for shopping and the daily lucky wheel.

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Galaxy Online II Tutorial (Official guide from game site)

1. Keywords: initial stage, resource, development stage, newbie protection period

When first entering the game, you will first see your Ground Industrial Base where you can construct various buildings, including resource fields, market, commander center, monument, etc. In Galaxy Online II, there are 3 types of resources: metal, He3 and Gold (Currency). Metal is used to construct buildings and create ships. He3 is used to construct buildings and also serves as the fuel of warships. All armor and weapons must consume He3 to work. Gold is the unit price of the general currency which can be used to study technology and science, upgrade ship blueprints, buy items from others, etc.

Well, it’s time to begin to develop your Ground Industrial Base. You’d better construct in turn according to the available quests. By doing so, you would be familiar with the buildings easier and also receive handsome quest rewards so that you can make progress faster.

Each new player will be able to enjoy a 72-hour protection period at the beginning. During the period, if you don’t attack any other player, no one will be able to attack you. If the period expires, you can use a certain item to prevent others from attacking you for a period of time. Nevertheless, you’d better develop your military force faster if you don’t want to be the cat among the pigeons.

2. Keywords: defensive base, defensive construction, colony, Celestial Industrial Base

In your defensive base, there is a space station at the beginning. By upgrading your space station, you will have more space in the station for you to exploit metal and He3. To exploit resources in your space station, first enter your space station and then build resource fields on non conflicting lands and then you will be able to gather them after a certain period of time. At the center of your space station is your Celestial Industrial Base. Once 8 fiends (no matter they are your friends in the game or merely on Facebook) of your have helped repaired your Celestial Industrial Base, you will be able to claim 8 gift points 24 hours later. If a land if your space station is conflicting with somebody’s lands, you would have to defeat the target so that you can make use of the land again.

Furthermore, each player’s defensive base is a battlefield. To fight against the invaders, you must build defensive construction and deploy fleets in your defensive base.

To build construction in your defensive base, first enter the base, unfold the construction pane and then switch to the Defensive construction column. There are 4 kinds of defensive facilities to deploy in the defensive base.

Comet: Comets are durable and are able to reduce the invaders’ movement speed.

Particle Cannon: Particle Cannons are cheap and not so powerful. Particle Cannons are able to attack all enemies in a certain area at one time.

Anti-aircraft Gun: In contrast with Particle Cannons, Anti-aircraft Guns are more powerful and can attack enemies in a much larger area at the same time.

Thor Cannon: Thor Cannons are the most powerful and can attack enemies in a very large area at one time.

Alright, keep working hard. Try building more defensive facilities in your defensive base to give invaders a lesson.

3. Keywords: combat, warship design, building warships, organizing fleets, commander

Both defensive facilities and fleets can help defend your home, but fleets can also help you expand your territory. Also, a good commander can make a fleet stonger.

Whereas, in Galaxy Online II strategy and tactics play a more important part than fleets no matter how strong they are. A strong fleet consisting of tons of hard Battleships may be defeated when surrounded by fleets consisting of a lot of small Frigates. A fleet consisting of ships which are equipped with powerful ship-based weapons may be shot down when approached by fleets equipped with short-ranged cannons. A fleets consisting of a few warships may overturn the battle situation because of the commander. So, warship design, organization of fleets, application of commanders, the mode to choose enemies, or even a small factor may dramatically impact the whole battle.

Warship design: Just like building a house, a blueprint is required to build a ship. When designing a warship blueprint, you have various options in hulls and modules.

Below are some suggestions for designing warship blueprint.

Please install weapons of the same type or at least the same attack range so that the weapons can exert the power to the biggest extent.

If you install a ship with short-ranged weapons, you’d better install the ship with more engines, or else the ship may be unable to approach enemies enough to attack them.

Usually all modules can be installed on any hull. So you are able to equip long-ranged weapons like missiles on a ship with low defense such as a Frigate.

To excel at designing warships more, try learning and experiencing more.

Fleet organization: Each fleet has 9 grids for placing ships and each grid can be placed a maximum of 3,000 ships. Undoubtedly, with more ships, the grid would play a more important role. However, we suggest you make use of all grids even if you only place 1 ship on a grid, because with a ship, the grid would be able to withstand at least an attack from a stack of ships.

The mode to choose enemies to attack: choosing enemies according to your weapon range and something related to enemies

Choosing enemies according to your weapon range: You can set the mode to choose enemies to your weapon range, either the minimum range or maximum range. Weapons have a different attack range and some weapons may be not the same powerful when attacking enemies from a different distance. When enabling your fleet to choose enemies according to the minimum range of your weapons, your fleet will try approaching enemies and using the weapons that has the shortest attack range to attack. Whilst, if you enable your fleet to choose enemies according to the maximum range, your fleet will try keeping distance with enemies and using the weapons that have the longest range to attack. So you’d better place the ships that are equipped with weapons with same attack range in a fleet.

Choosing enemies according to something to enemies: Under this mode, your force will move towards and attack your specified target.


In Galaxy Online II, all battles will be finished automatically and you cannot do anything except for quitting the battle during any battle. However, you have many things to do before a battle. For example, you can organize fleets, specify the attack mode of your fleets, specify the fleets to join the battle, etc. Also, please be noted that any armor and weapon will consume He3 to work and your fleet won’t be able to work anymore if it has no He3 left. So remember to fill your fleet with He3.


More details

Warship blueprints

Battleship: Amongst all kinds of hulls, Battleships have the highest Armor and Durability, most installation space, and are also most expensive. If you particularly like to use amazingly powerful ships, then Battleships are your choice. In a fleet, only at most 900 Battleships can work at the same time. (In a fleet, each grid can be placed a maximum of 3,000 ships but only 900 Battleships can work at the same time.) Battleships are the expert to shoot down Cruisers.

Cruiser: Cruisers have the highest Shield but other stats of them are a bit common. As a result, Cruisers can be a good choice in playing different parts. They can be a vanguard, deal damage from afar or act as a tank. In a fleet, only at most 1,000 Cruisers can work at the same time. (In a fleet, each grid can be placed a maximum of 3,000 ships but only 1,000 Cruisers can work at the same time.)Cruisers are the expert to shoot down Frigates.

Frigate: Frigates has the lowest Armor and the least installation space, but they can move fastest with equipped engines. Frigates are also the cheapest. In a fleet, only at most 1,100 Frigates can work at the same time. (In a fleet, each grid can be placed a maximum of 3,000 ships but only 1,100 Frigates can work at the same time.)Frigates are the expert to shoot down Battleships.

from the Official Guide


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