Garden World

  • Genre: garden, farming
  • Developer: Tall Tree Games
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Garden World is a gardening Facebook game where you can grow and tend to your own virtual garden! Water, cross-breed, and take care of your flowers as you build the ultimate beautiful garden.

If you are a flower lover, or just like to do some backyard gardening, Garden World might be an interesting game. You can grow different flowers, plants, plant different seeds, discover new seed and new species of plant to grow, you can also decorate your garden with several decorative items, like statues or topiaries. You can even add small animal like squirrels, birds or butterflies.

You can have multiple gardens, and you have to take care of your plants, mainly by keeping an eye on their water level, and selling them when ready, you also have to clean up the weeds your gardens, and try to make them as pretty as possible.

Gardens have limited number of slots to plant, you can increase that number later when you reach higher levels, the same applies to the other items in the game, from flowers to decoration, some will only become available when you reach a certain level.

Garden World features trophies, that you can achieve by performing and completing particular quest or tasks. Random lost animal also appear for you to share with your friends, to adopt them.

The standard social options are there, from gifting to visiting, hire hands to help out in your garden…

There aren’t many option on this genre of game, so you you like a little virtual gardening, just try it out.

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