Gem Rush

  • Genre: Match-3
  • Developer: OMGPOP
  • GD Star Rating

Gem Rush is the newest and most addicting match-3 Facebook game from OMGPOP! Dig deep, collect gems and beat your friends in the weekly tournament! Gem Rush is a match-3 game played in Tetris layout, you receive groups of 3 gems and you have to drop them on top of other gems available in the game screen of to form groups of 3 or more same colored gems.

New improvements to the gameplay become available as you progress in the game, the fire mode, the TNT bar are just some of them.

Gem Rush is a frenzy and addicting game, where you can challenge your friends and compete in the weekly tournaments.

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Gem Rush, 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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