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Welcome to Global Warfare, a strategy game where you build your city, form alliances and conquer the world.

Global Warfare is a strategy war game from Kabam. The action is set on a post war scenario. And you are in command of a small devastated city.
After starting the game you are immediately taken through a small tutorial that covers the game basics. You start the game with one Headquarters and R&D Center (research and development) and you have to build your first residence and build some farms for food.

Global Warfare is quite a complete game, full of features and thing to do, it has city building parts and strategic war considerations.

Your city is divided in two section, a city area and a country area, in the first you have your Headquarters, research center, residences, barracks, university and much more they some only available as you advance level. In the countryside you can place farms, oil wells, steel mill or quarry.

For those not familiar with this type of game, even after the tutorial, you have some called recommended missions that helps you decide what to do next, while you get the hang of it.

Global Warfare gameplay e fast paced, giving you a very nice feeling of advance, even before finishing tutorial you are already going to level 2.

When you gain a level, you are given a reward, a crate with may supplies inside, from resources, speed-ups (that help you finish construction faster, to miscellaneous like changing your identity or changing you city name.

You also start with one city, but as you level up you’ll be able to add cities and increase your resources.

On the social part Global Warfare has a chat window, you can invite your friends to be your allies or not. The game features a “Beginner’s protection” that gives you 7 days of peace where you cannot attack or be attacked by other players.

Global Warfare features five basic resources, food, oil, stone, steel and gold.

One drawback in my opinions is that you can only build one structure at a time.

Maybe the game theme isn’t for every Facebook player, but for those who like strategy games and hardcore graphics this seems as good as a pc game.

Global Warfare great graphics and a fast paced gameplay make this a must try for strategy fans and also a check it out for others.

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How to play Global Warfare


You start the game by choosing you avatar.

You are then introduced to you city, below is the global map, where you can see your first city, global resources and other player’s cities.

This is your city view, where you can build residences, barracks and other urban structures.

Your buildings can be upgraded to more efficiency in the future.

On the left side of the image above you can see from top to bottom:

  • Send gifts to your friends button;
  • Get the beginners crate;
  • Daily air drop, this is available once a day for free, if you want more you have to pay;
  • Urban city view;
  • Fields view.

In the bottom of the screen you have:

  • The missions tab, where you can check the missions you are dealing at the moment;
  • Mail tab where you receive news about the game;
  • Your inventory;
  • Alliances you have;
  • And the shop.

Bellow you have your resources, food, oil, stone, steel and gold.

The game also has a dashboard in the bottom part, with the chat window, a several other statistics like strategic resources, city statistics, friends, tournament button and Leaderboard.


Strategic tips from  Official FAQ


How do I defend my City in Global Warfare?


Wall Defenses:
Wall defenses will defend your city even if your troops are set to hide. They also have the advantage of not requiring any upkeep. Mines and Artillery will defend against ground units while Stinger Missiles and AA guns will defend against flying units.

Combined with troops, wall defenses can easily turn the tide of the battle and allow a smaller force to defend against a larger attacking force.

Supply Bunker:
There will be times when a much higher power player will attack your city. The best way to limit the impact of such an attack is to level your supply bunker. This will defend a portion of your resources and reduce the amount of resources the attacking player would have received.

The less resources an attacker receives the lower the chance they will attack you again. This also allows you to retain some resources so that you can continue to grow and expand your cities.

Hiding your Troops / Setting Troops to Defend:
You can choose whether your troops will defend against an incoming attack by selecting the Defend option in your Headquarters. If you believe you can defeat the incoming attack, you can set your troops to defend in an attempt to kill off the incoming attack.

The troops you have stationed in the city will then defend against the incoming attack and engage the attacking troops. Defending troops receive a defensive bonus based on the level of Perimeter of the city. Wall defenses will also assist your troops in defending the city.
If you believe your troops will be overwhelmed by the attacking force, it is better to set them to hide. This will prevent the attacking force from killing off your army. However, any resources that are not protected by your Supply Bunker can be looted by the attacking troops. Often it is better to lose some resources than to lose your entire army.

Your alliance members can help defend your city by sending reinforcements to the city that is being attacked. For this to work properly, you must communicate your need for reinforcements to your alliance members and the reinforcements must arrive before the incoming attack.

Logistics Centers will allow a players troops to move to allied cities much faster and can help reinforcements arrive before an attacking army. Reinforcements are a key ability to defend against higher Power players and can allow alliances to defend against must larger players.

How do I appoint a General in Global Warfare?

In order to appoint a General, you will first need to build a General’s Quarters. Once construction has completed, click on the building to bring up the General’s Quarters overview. Within this window, click the ‘Appoint General’ button. This will bring up a listing of your friends that can be appointed as a General.

Friends who play Global Warfare will have higher levels of energy. If you see a padlock over a General’s energy bar, it means that this player has not played Global Warfare.

If you are looking to add more friends to be Generals, check out the Global Warfare forums in the Looking for Generals section! The forums can be found here: Global Warfare Community Forums

How do I lead an Attack in Global Warfare?

In order to launch an attack, you will need an unassigned General and some troops. If all of your Generals are assigned as officers in your cities, then you will need to upgrade your General Quarters to appoint more Generals or unassign a General from its role in your city.

To launch the attack, click on the tile you wish to assault and select attack. Alternatively you can click on your rally point and click the ‘March Troops’ tab and manually enter the coordinates of the tile you wish to attack.

Within the march troops screen, select the number of troops you wish to send on the attack and select one of your idle Generals to lead the attack. Once this is complete, click the ‘March’ button. The march will begin and a timer will display showing the time remaining before the troops reach their destination.

Once the troops have completed their attack, a Battle Report will be generated that details the outcome of the battle and lists any troops that were lost in combat.

from the Official Help on Kabam Website

Visit the Global Warfare forums

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