Glory of Rome

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: Kabam
  • Monthly Users: 10000
  • GD Star Rating

Glory of Rome is a strategy game in which you can transform your City into a thriving Empire and rebuild the Glory of Rome! Gain Glory by constructing buildings, researching new technologies, and training troops. Build an army to expand your Empire, and chat and ally with other players to better attack and defend against your enemies!

Rome lies in chaos. Leaders seek to crush their rivals with massive armies and ruthless politics. Destroy marauding barbarians and raise shining new cities out of the dust. Reforge the Empire with blood and steel! Restore the Glory of Rome!

Kabam is an interactive entertainment company leading the next wave in social gaming, developing and publishing massively multiplayer social games (MMSG’s), including the popular and critically praised title Kingdoms of Camelot and Dragons of Atlantis. Our studios focus on combining the best elements of traditional and social gaming to appeal to a growing audience of players looking for deeper, more engaging social games. The first wave of Kabam’s new games for Facebook and leading media sites have been widely recognized for their depth of play and social interaction. Founded in 2006, Kabam has offices in San Francisco and Redwood City, Calif., Beijing, China, and Saarbrücken, Germany. More information about Kabam can be found at

Game Highlights

  • Quests will help you build a glorious Empire, and will grant rewards when you complete them
    Gain Glory by increasing the number of troops, buildings, and research levels to unlock your City’s hidden potential
    Train Troops in the Barracks to defend your City and extend the reach of your Empire
    Join an Alliance to protect your Empire during your rise to power
    Pick your favorite Deity and sacrifice Offerings to earn bonuses based on the Deity you choose

Tips and Tricks

Glory of Rome Tips

  • Build up your Farms to provide your plebeians with a place to work and produce Food. The higher the level Farms, the more Food you will produce for your City!
  • The Palace is the heart of your City and the seat of your power. Upgrade your Palace to unlock more Field plots and Wilds! A level10 Palace gives you 40 Field plots and Control of up to 10 Wilds!
  • Increase your Glory by constructing more and higher level buildings, and by training more troops. Your Glory is an indicator of how powerful you are, and will be used to rank you against other players!
  • Use the Rally Spot to send out Attacks, Reinforcements, Transports, and Reassignments. The number of Marches and Troops you send out is limited by your Rally Spot level.
  • The Temple is where your citizens worship your Deity. Sacrifice Offerings to earn bonuses, and upgrade your Temple to unlock new bonus levels. Your bonuses will differ depending on which Deity you choose!

Beginners Guide


Look in ‘Inventory’ for your beginner chest. In it you should find an item that will allow you to rename your avatar.


Cohorts are players you are on good terms with. They can serve as your generals and help in your city management.

To be cohorts with a player, you have to be friends with them on Facebook. Send them an invite from the ‘Cohorts’ section of the screen (upper side).

You can also invite them via email if you have their email address.


On the left side of your screen you will see three icons: City, Field, and Map.

Click on ‘Field’.

Here you can build farms, quarry’s, etc.

The higher the level of your structures, the more they yield.

SILVER you get based off your population. Once you have a COLISEUM, you can also have a ‘Tax Day’ once an hour or so, and get silver in a lump sum that way. This will negatively impact your citizen’s happiness though for a little while.


Build a barracks.


They probably deserted because of a lack of food. You have to keep surplus food on hand to keep your army fed. The larger the army, the more food you need.


Once you build an embassy and it’s level 2, you can join or create an alliance. From the embassy you can scroll through the list of alliances.


Go to the ‘Map Icon’

Click on the wild you want to attack. Take note of it’s level. Starting out, look for a Level 1 wild.

Optionally, scout it first (recommended).

Once you know what you’re up against, send troops to the wild.

A minute or so later you will get a ‘Report’. If you won, you will get the advantages of owning that wild. If you lose, you will keep your general but your troops have taken a trip to Hades.


So you can appoint generals to lead your armies, as well as appoint praefects for your city. Praefects do things like help construction time or lower training time.

Generals rise in levels the more they are assigned tasks. The higher their level, the better they are at their job.


You need resources for anything, so first plant your farms and other field stations.

If you click on ‘Quests’ at the lower left of your screen, you will find a progression of steps to complete. I would strongly recommend taking this path.


You need an Imperial Standing to get a building to level 10. Each Imperial Standing is only good for one building.

Currently each Imperial Standing costs 100 Gold, bought through the shop. You can also get an ‘Imperial Chest’ for 400 Gold. The Imperial Chest contains 5 Imperial Standing.

To access the shop, go to ‘Inventory’ then ‘Get More Items’.


Happiness + Tax Rate = 100% > kinda > depends on catching up to change >> and modifiers

  • Set your tax at 20% until Palace 3 so you have Silver for Research
  • then get Coliseum built it is more important for silver than Tax Rate.
  • Idle Pop is good Business GET SOME > 4 or more Villas lvl 4 or better ASAP

100 % tax = 0% pop after lag >>>>>>>>> 100% pop = 0% tax after lag

Tax rate is 1st source of Silver at game start> Coliseum is Primary income later stages Player Level 8 and up

Background info

Total Pop determined By Villas> number of & Level
Total Possible Pop is only at 100% Happiness for a long period

inter-relationship with tax rate
100% Happiness is only possible at 0% Tax rate.
Game uses calculation as Happiness + Tax Rate =100% > Then it throws in various modifiers
changes in Tax Rate and Happiness lagg from implementation> takes a long while to settle in where it belongs.
All Pop pays taxes

Idle Pop
Idle Pop ALSO pays Taxes and it is source for Training soldiers.
NO Idle Pop = no soldiers.
IDLE POP is good business GET SOME

Negative Pop
your upgraded Resource Fields are demanding but not getting More Workers.
Upgrade Villas > by Palace 3 have 4 or more Villas

CohortsA Cohort is a FaceBook Friend that Plays Glory of rome AND is your in-game Friend
Cohorts are used as Generals and can give you Gifts of Resources and deity Offerings

the idea is you will invite your CURRENT FB friends to play
If you need Cohorts NOW then throw up a cohort request in Chat
include Email in First post
as in
Send Cohort Requests to
after your in Alliance it will be easier, just add all them

Process is
Invite to FaceBook friends list > FB > Account > Edit friends > Invite Friends > they accept
Invite as Cohort In-game > Cohort Tab >scroll down to >Friends playing Glory of Rome>> invite> they accept
10 step process to get one guy as cohort but really does not take that long

Basic newbie info

To start game
Follow Quests they get you started better than any other method.
Quests pay Resources as you claim them, as much as half the build costs.
So you get “Optimum Build Sequence” and “ Most Efficient Resource Deployment” at the same time

FOLLOW QUESTS TILL Palace 3, then you can go after your own personal Strategy.
Whisper Chats
Type in /username or @username
No spaces no dominus or Dominas
For complicated names you can copy and paste Faster for conversations

Change your name off of newbuis
You have free chest for joining game with some basic ITEMS for game, Speed ups ETC

Acquiring New Name Item > REFORGED IDENTIY ITEM
Inventory > Chest tab> NEW CITY CHEST >Claim/open > REFORGED IDENTIY ITEM > USE Button

Troop Information

Troops: I will break this down as best I can. If anyone disagrees (which is very possible), please let me know and we will come to a consensus.

Donkeys – First level of transports. They are great for taking out traps mainly. Using donkeys to clear traps vs. cons is a good idea because donkeys require 20% of the iron that cons do. They use more lumber however, but lumber is easier to come by pending in the troops you train.

Conscripts – Best unit to use for attacking and taking out wilds. That is about all they are good for. However, cons are also the best unit used to take out wall fortifications. By sending a pre-wave of cons, you can crush the walls to reduce the casualties of your more expensive units. Cons do not, however, eliminate scorpios or ballistae. In terms of wilds, when taking them, send a pre-wave of donkeys to clear the traps first, and then send in your army of pure cons. I generally go for overkill when taking wilds to reduce casualties, but here is an ESTIMATED idea on what to send for wilds (also, please see update in Wilds & Barbs section).

LVL 1 wild – 1k-2k Cons with LVL 2 research and General 0 traps
LVL 2 Wild – 2k-5k Cons With LVL 3 research and General 5 traps
LVL 3 Wild – 4k-9k Cons with LVL 4 Research and General 10 traps
LVL 4 wild – 10k-15k Cons with LVL 5 research and General 20 traps
LVL 5 Wild – 15k-25k Cons With LVL 6 research and General 50 traps
LVL 6 Wild – 25k-35k Cons with LVL 7 Research and General 100 traps
LVL 7 wild – 35k-50k Cons with LVL 8 research and General 150 traps
LVL 8 Wild – 55k-75k Cons With LVL 9 research and General 300 trap
LVL 9 Wild – 90k-100k Cons with LVL 9-10 Research and General XXX traps

This is the minimum of what I would send to clear a wild, and I am not too sure about the trap numbers. (Please correct me if I am wrong or if you have further information in regards to traps.)

Skirmishers – First ranged unit available, and an extremely useful and overlooked unit. Skirmishers attack with a range, making it possible to win battles with virtually no losses at all. Skirms are great against foot soldiers (e.g., conscripts/legionaries/centurions), but are weak against cavalry and shock cavalry. They have the ability to rush past all units and go straight to the ranged units. When defending with skirms, make sure you have 1 cav, 1 shock cav, and 1 scorpio defending as this will increase your number of attack phases without your skirms being harmed at all. The reason for this is that units are attacked and killed based on their speed. So, when attacked, the attacker’s first phase will attack your single shock cav. Then, your units attack. In phase 2, the attackers kill your cav and then you attack again; and in phase 3, the attacker kills your scorp, and you get a final attack untouched with your skirms. The only exception to this is if the attacker sends enough cavalry to survive phase one. In this case, the second phase of the attacker will have their cavs rush past your units and go straight to your skirms. This is rare, however, as cavalry are the first units to go because of their speed. When attacking with skirms, sse the same method – send 1 shock cav, 1 cav, and 1 scorp.

Legionaries – Your first real foot soldier. Legs are great at attacking/defending against cavs and shock cavs. Legs are a great unit to build for defense, and the only foot unit better are Centurions. Cents are, however, much more costly and have a very slow training time.

Cavalry – Cavs have many uses. First off, cavs are especially good against ranged units. They make for great transports as they can hold a bit of resources and can also march very quickly. An army of cavs is also great for farming inactives. 80% of my resources come from farming inactives with purely cavs. With an army of 10-15k cavs, I will march them to any player with 8-20k glory without scouting and usually come back with a profitable report.

Shock Cavalry – Not much experience with shock cav yet. I may try using some later in the round when my army size limits are met. But as of right now, I personally find them useless as they cost much more and take much more time to train. And they also carry less resources.

Centurions – Strongest unit in the game. Read Legionaries section for a general description. The advantages of cents are their strength and their slight speed increase over legs. 1 cent can kill 5 legs when both units have the same research lvls. Do not deter from training cents due to training time. If you can slowly build an army of cents, your defensive abilities will increase tenfold. Even if you can only train 100 a day, it is well worth it.

Scorpios – Scorpios are the same as skirms, except for the fact that you may lose a phase of attack. I personally find skirms better at this stage in the game, but believe me, they will be much more useful as more villages are released. Scorps are a cent’s nightmare.

Wilds & Barbs Update

1.) I recommend 2.5 times the strength in that wild.

2.) Donkeys, conscripts, and skirmisher are cheap and sufficient to kill a wild. Better troops would
beat the wildmen, but too many of your good troops would die.

3.) Higher level wilds and barbs have fixed defenses, like on a city wall. Scouts do NOT see these.

4.) Research matters on high level wilds. Wild level = level ALL technology in wild. You want your technology equal to or greater than the wild you wish to acquire.

5.) List of troop requirements follows…

Wild Info

Lvl 1 – 50 Donkeys, 50 Conscripts
Lvl 2 – 100 Donkeys, 100 Conscripts, 50 Skirmishers
Lvl 3 – 200 Donkeys, 200 Conscripts, 100 Skirmishers, 50 Cavalry
Lvl 4 – 500 Donkeys, 500 Conscripts, 200 Skirmishers, 100 Cavalry, 50 Legionaries
Lvl 5 – 1000 Donkeys, 1000 Conscripts, 500 Skirmishers, 200 Cavalry, 100 Legionaries, 50 Scorpios
Lvl 6 – 1500 Donkeys, 1500 Conscripts, 1000 Skirmishers, 500 Cavalry, 200 Legionaries, 100 Scorpios
Lvl 7 – 3000 Donkeys, 3000 Conscripts, 1500 Skirmishers, 1000 Cavalry, 500 Legionaries, 200 Scorpios, 50 Shock Cavalry
Lvl 8 – 6000 Donkeys, 6000 Conscripts, 3000 Skirmishers, 1500 Cavalry, 1000 Legionaries, 500 Scorpios, 100 Shock Cavalry, 50 Centurions
Lvl 9 – 12000 Donkeys, 12000 Conscripts, 6000 Skirmishers, 3000 Cavalry, 1500 Legionaries, 1000 Scorpios, 200 Shock Cavalry, 100 Centurions, 50 Rams
Lvl 10 – 25000 Donkeys, 25000 Conscripts, 12000 Skirmishers, 6000 Cavalry, 3000 Legionaries, 1500 Scorpios, 400 Shock Cavalry, 200 Centurions, 100 Rams, 50 Ballistae

Barbarian Info

Lvl 1 – 500 Donkeys, 500 Conscripts
Lvl 2 – 1000 Donkeys, 1000 Conscripts, 500 Skirmishers
Lvl 3 – 2000 Donkeys, 2000 Conscripts, 1000 Skirmishers, 500 Cavalry
Lvl 4 – 5000 Donkeys, 5000 Conscripts, 2000 Skirmishers, 1000 Cavalry, 500 Legionaries
Lvl 5 – 10000 Donkeys, 10000 Conscripts, 5000 Skirmishers, 2000 Cavalry, 1000 Legionaries, 500 Scorpios
Lvl 6 – 15000 Donkeys, 15000 Conscripts, 10000 Skirmishers, 5000 Cavalry, 2000 Legionaries, 1000 Scorpios
Lvl 7 – 30000 Donkeys, 30000 Conscripts, 15000 Skirmishers, 10000 Cavalry, 5000 Legionaries, 2000 Scorpios, 500 Shock Cavalry
Lvl 8 – 60000 Donkeys, 60000 Conscripts, 30000 Skirmishers, 15000 Cavalry, 10000 Legionaries, 5000 Scorpios, 1000 Shock Cavalry, 500 Centurions
Lvl 9 – 120000 Donkeys, 120000 Conscripts, 60000 Skirmishers, 30000 Cavalry, 15000 Legionaries,
10000 Scorpios, 2000 Shock Cavalry, 1000 Centurions, 500 Rams
Lvl 10 – 250000 Donkeys, 250000 Conscripts, 120000 Skirmishers, 60000 Cavalry, 30000 Legionaries, 15000 Scorpios, 4000 Shock Cavalry, 2000 Centurions, 1000 Rams, 500 Ballistae


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