Gnome Town

  • Genre: City Building, Role Playing
  • Developer: Playdom
  • GD Star Rating

Gnome Town is an new adventure/City Building game only available on Facebook! It’s time to leave the city behind and rejoin the Gnomes of the Enchanted Forest. Meet the Wise Old Gnome who needs your help to stop the Evil Gnome from terrorizing the entire forest. Save forest critters! Defeat the Evil Gnome! Build a Gnome Town!

You, a Gnome, have escaped the drudgery of city life by going to the Shrouded Forest, a place you’ve heard so much about from other Gnomes. Once you arrive you discover all is not well. The Evil Gnome King has taken over the forest and its up to you to save it.

Use machete’s to explore the Enchanted Forest. Keep an eye out for trapped forest critters, and renewable resources that will be beneficial to your thriving Gnome Town. Be sure to clear your land along the way to get resources for your thriving town.

Using resources you’ve acquired while exploring the forest, build a home for yourself to keep you and the forest critters safe and happy. Keep on building up your town to entice your friends from the suburbs to join your forest family.

Be sure to plant and harvest crops to nurture your forest critters. When they are well fed they will help you build your town faster. Build your town a tavern as soon as possible so that you can invite gnomes over from other towns.

Gnome Town follows a new tendency on Facebook games where there is no energy system, we already reviewed Castle & Co, which doesn’t use energy too, this gives you more play time and you are only limited by your own actions, of course there are some tasks that require more time then other, but even here the game features a nice touch, as you clear the terrain you will collect resources like wood and also food, food can later be used to speed up tasks, this way you have an alternative to paying gold for speeding up.

Friends are necessary to staff your buildings, you can also exchange gifts and visit them.You can also interact with other player by doing some gnomespeditions, party, brawl or take a journey will give some extra resources.

As you progress in the game new helpers will be available, each time you free a caged animal, you will get an extra helper to perform tasks for you, like clearing debris or building, expansion is done by using the machete on the borders of the game screen.

Graphically Gnome Town is really nice, with great environment and cute characters, the gameplay is very good too. The no energy system is a great thing and will provide for much more play time.

Gnome Town is a must for City Building and exploration players.

Tips and Tricks

Gnome Town Tips

Machetes in Gnome Town are needed to explore more of the Enchanted Forest. You only have a limited number of Machetes, so explore wisely! If you run out, though, you can buy more Machetes with Gold Bars by clicking on the plus sign next to the Machetes Icon at the top right corner of the game screen.

You can also get machetes for:

leveling up, 1 machete every level at first and them 1 machetes every few level.
Login daily and get 2 machetes every 5th day you login.
Forging them. Forging requires you to have a forge, that will be available after a certain quest in the game.

All players will receive Gold Bars for certain milestones in the game, like by gaining levels. These are the only times when Gold Bars will be given to players while playing. The only other methods for obtaining Gold Bars can be found on the Add Gold tab and include Surveys, Offers and Direct Payments, in addition to the other options listed.

Also checkout the Official Game Forum Here.

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