Go Fishing

  • Genre: Fishing simulation
  • Developer: Go Games
  • Monthly Users: 100000
  • GD Star Rating

Go Fishing! Escape from work routine and city hassle into the peaceful wilderness of the best fishing spots around the world. Choose your tackle among hundreds of available options, pick your bait and reel in the biggest fish in the world!

Enjoy fishing in beautiful locales with your friends! Use the equipment of your choosing, select different lures and baits, catch dozens of fish, complete quests around the map and beat the records. Become a pro fisherman!

Go Fishing is a fantastic fishing simulation Facebook game, it sounds simple? Its fishing, well if you don’t like fishing maybe you won’t play this game, but if you do and don’t have time for the real thing this might just be a great entertainment!

I went fishing sometimes in my life, mainly at sea, and for those of you that have never had that experience this game might just be the training tutorial you need to test if it is something for you.

Or you can just look at it as a simulation game, with some skill sections, as it is the fishing itself. Once you allow the application and the game appears you are immediately taken to the fishing lesson, all you have to do is press the “pull” button to throw the line, and press “strike” when the fish bites.

Note: When pressing “strike”, you have to press an hold in order to start pulling the fish.

Go Fishing features a lot of other things, you have quests to perform, equipment to buy, fish to sell, friends to gift and compete, you even have tournaments to play.

Add to this great graphics, backgrounds and relaxing soundtrack with great ambient sound, and you have a great Facebook game for everyone. The only thing to point is the lack of full screen feature that would just fit like a glove to provide a real immersible gameplay and experience.

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How to pull fish

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Go Fishing, 4.2 out of 5 based on 35 ratings

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