Gone Fishing

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Sometimes every citizen starts to feel tired from the speed and eventfulness of life in urban center. These conditions aggravate with permanent stress, bad mood and wish to escape from the city for take a rest close to nature. What should we do if it is too far to vacation and day offs are enough just for solving everyday problems? How can we release ourselves and relax if we have not possibilities to go out to open air far from the noisy megapolis? It’s wonderfully but we can be saved by modern technologies, allowing to have a good time “in company of nature” without leaving home or office.

Enjoy true angler’s paradise! “Gone Fishing” is the social simulator giving everybody the chance to feel oneself the true fisherman. marvelous locations, many spices of fish, different types of tackles, innovative mechanics, realistic physics, and broad opportunities for social interaction.

Let’s try to understand, what is the attractiveness of this game?

Key features of «Gone Fishing»:

•          Elaborated mechanics. In the game are followed basic physics laws, so player can feel himself as he goes real fishing. If user hooks big fish, he can feel the its resistance. If the fish has the weigh bigger than the rod can keep, it can be broken. These conditions make the player to rate his strength and analyze all actions he performs in the game.

•          50 marvelous locations situated all over the world. Starting from the Russian lands, the user gradually moves at new territories (such as Scotland, Indonesia, North America or open water of Ocean) and meets the biggest and exotic fish.

•          More than 200 spices of fish. In the game are presented really existing as well as mythical representatives of fish family with maximum weigh under 1000 kg!

•          Three ways of fishery. Player can use rod, spinning or fishing net.

•          Wide choice of tackles. Every lure and bait is oriented for definite fish. Successful combination of tackles allows user to catch the biggest and most rare specimens.

•          Sales. Fishermen can buy various items with discount. The assortment of price-off merchandises changes every day.

•          Contests. In “Gone Fishing” are conducted the tournaments between users, divided by levels. Competition winners obtain worldwide “fishing” glory and valuable awards.

•          Events. Within the bounds of thematic activities players can visit special locations, buy “holiday” items and gather some special collections.

•          Daily quiz. Users might give the answers on several questions connected with fishing theme. In case of victory, the player is being awarded in-game items and financial prizes.


How to start?

After the game is launched you can start to fishing by pushing the button «cast a line». Watch the float: when it begins to move and dip into water you should start to click the right button of mouse or space key. Try to keep your eye on the scale of tension: if the strip moves to the right side and becomes red the tackles can be broken. After you caught the fish, you earn experience points. The fish can be sold or performed into stuffed one.

In-game store can provide you various rods, lures, baits and other items helping to vary fishing process and move across the world in search of interesting places with unique inhabitants. All things you buy and also items you already have can be founded in the backpack.

Few words about the gameplay

First meeting with “Gone Fishing” goes off very comfortable: in the beginning of game a user acquires the wise teacher – fisherman Kuzmitch. In the process of training the user will understand the basic principles of the game, learn to sort out in the multitude of fishing tackles and can earn some silver coins.

With help of training quest system a player can increase his personal level much faster: for solving of one or another quest fisherman-newbie is being awarded by additional experience points.

The accumulation of experience points opens new game opportunities: the higher level you have the more locations you can to visit. Besides that you will be able to buy new fishing equipment, increasing the chances to catch large fish.

Besides the generally accessible locations in “Gone Fishing” also exist “secret” territories. They are available only for users owning transport vehicles – cars and boats.  The player can choose the transport on his taste and purchase it in the in-game store.

Fishing clubs are other way to visit «VIP» locations. Such territories are the most attractive for experts of angling: on these locations inhabit the biggest and the most exotic fish. For entering, the user should purchase a season ticket giving the access to the territory on fixed number of days.

Gameplay diversified with contests, having three game modes: duel, single tournament between 10 participants and command competition 5×5. Besides excitement, the most active players can win gratuity and special items.


In conclusion

Fishing is the one of the most popular hobby in the world; but why it beloved by millions of people? The answer is simple: fishing is capable of giving the feeling of peace, freedom and harmony with nature and this is can be replaced nothing. In spite of “Gone fishing” is casual simulator, it still has the ability to charm and excite the player like real angling.

You wish to take a rest, but you have not possibility to go «on the open air»? Join to the millions of fans who already estimated all delights of virtual fishing. And remember: you’re separated from the pleasure just by one mouse click.

Gone Fishing – feel true excitement of fishing on your screen.

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