Good games for girls on Facebook

It’s true that the gaming industry tends to be aimed at boys rather than girls. This is why a lot of Facebook games are so popular, because they include games girls might enjoy too. From farms to fashion, there are hundreds being created every week.

Which are the best examples of games for girls though? It depends: some girls engage with fashion, others don’t. Some like games away from Facebook like Partypoker or the puzzles you can find on Conceptis Puzzles, others prefer to read. Here are a few examples on Facebook, from different genres that would interest girls.


We’ve all tried out Farmville, and if you haven’t it is only a matter of time before you do. There are so many different types of Farmville now: the original, English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove etc. Plough your fields, plant seeds, harvest crops and take care of the animals on your farm. Farmville is just as engaging as it was before.

Happy Aquarium

This is one of the cutest games on Facebook. Especially if you always wanted a mini aquarium. You can take your cute baby fish (they are always cute in this game) and watch him/her grow up. It’s like a Tamagotchi, but less likely to die.

Coco Girl

For the fashion savvy Facebook user, Coco Girl is perfect. You get to create fabulous looks, shop in the best stores in town, and find the best and hottest style items. You can choose your characters look initially, and then have lots of fun rating your friends too.

Island Paradise

Sometimes getting away into a virtual world is just the ticket for the stressed Facebook gamer. One of those that achieves this is Island Paradise, a game where you have your very own island, and can grow exotic crops, look after animals, cook and even build your dream house within the beautiful landscape. You can view your friends islands too.

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