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Grand Epic Online is a real-time action MMORPG run in browser featuring the oriental fairyland and accomplishments in its interactive game quests where natural harmony, true love, personal sacrifice and collective interest are greatly cherished.
Grand Epic Online adopts the real-time action combat mode, instead of the too-commonly-seen turn-based one for browser games with certain technical breakthroughs made. Besides the richness of oriental characteristics, this innovative MMORPG introduces multiple other well-received features to enhance the gameplay, such as quest auto-navigation, pet raising, beast ridding, and unprecedented polymorphic transformation, etc.

Grand Epic bases its story on the strife between Chiyou and the Yellow Emperor who later becomes the ancestors of Chinese. The real legend goes to the ending that Chiyou is defeated, while the Yan Emperor starts a new history. Nevertheless, the legend in the game will take you to nowhere because the legend contributes little to the progression of the game.
There are many missions in the game. But they are independent individually, having little connection with the legend.

Grand Epic allows players to enhance their reaction to attacks through the setting of shortcut keys. But a quick response to attacks can only be achieved after a series of practice, which can be difficult to remember.

The pets and monsters in the game are cute and useful. Pets can help in the battles and contribute a lot to your upgrades. Monsters are also very useful, you can combine its ability with yours.

The game also presents various skill enhancement systems, such as reincarnation of the avatar, dual-person immortal practice, enlightenment, each offering a specific way of self-strengthening.

There are many other game details that await players to explore. And as its name implies, Grand Epic Online will offer you grand journey of entertainment.

Newbie guide


  • Name: Input when creating a character. Unchangeable.
  • Title: Can be gained one or more in game. Player can choose any one to use.
  • Equipment: Equipments can be equipped on inventory interface. To take off equipment, just click the corresponding equipment on character interface and click “Take off”.
  • HP: HP will be deducted when being attacked. Character dies once HP is 0. If player has Revival Elixir, he/she can revive in place with full HP and MP at once. Or character will be sent to the revival spot of current map.
  • MP: It consumes MP to use most skills. The higher level the skill is, the more MP it consumes. So MP plays a very important role when character reaches to high levels.
  • Attack: It states the attack power of character. The elements that affect attack power are level, weapon, strength, eight meridians and some other related aspects.
  • Defense: It states the defense power of character. The elements that affect defense power are level, equipment, defense, eight meridians and some other related aspects.
  • Exp: This indicates how much experience the character needs to level up. It can be gained by killing monster or questing. The higher the level, the more experience it needs to level up.
  • Coins: Your current coin amount.
  • Prestige: Can be used to exchange for certain things from Activity Spokesman in Chang’an City. Can be gained from completing instances, errand missions and escorting.
  • PK Value: It states how many players you have killed. You won’t be able to turn off PK mode once the value is more than 10. It can be decreased by using Crime-record Clearing Elixir which can be bought in the mall.
  • Monster Kills: It states how many monsters you have killed.
  • Players Kills: It states how many players you have killed.
  • Death: It states how many times you have died.
  • Spirit: Fairy Spirit. Please refer to Special System page for more details.
  • Five-element: Please refer to Newbie Guide- Equipment System for more details.
  • Critical: With more critical attack points, character’s HP and attack power are greatly strengthened and it’s easier to give critical attack.
  • Sp Power: Spiritual Power. Please refer to Special System page for more details.
  • Points:Character will gain 1 or 2 attribute point(s) when level up, which can be distributed to five attributes: strength, defense, stamina, intelligence and luck. The maximum attribute value of each attribute is the same as character’s level.
    1. Strength (Str) affects character’s attack power.
    2. Stamina (Stam) affects character’s max HP and MP, and their recovery speed.
    3. Intelligence (Int) affects character’s skill practicing speed.
    4. Luck (Luck) affects character’s critical hit rating and coin amount gained from fighting monsters.
    5. Defense (Def) affects character’s defense power.


Summary of Weapon and Armors
In Grand Epic, weapon has five-element attribute damage. They are metal (damage), wood (damage), water (damage), fire (damage) and earth (damage). Armors have five-element attribute resistance. They are metal (resistance), wood (resistance), water (resistance), fire (resistance) and earth (resistance). These attributes can be enhanced in the Blacksmith’s and Tailor’s. However, attributes enhancement are limited to materials. And of course materials can also be enhanced. The attack power of weapon directly affects the attack power of character. And five-element attributes have significant impact during battle, too.

Metal attribute of weapon and armors can enhance the strength of character, wood attribute reinforces character’s stamina, water attribute contributes on intelligence and fire attribute helps increase character’s luck index while earth attribute strengthens defense power. The augment of weapon attribute won’t show in character’s attributes column but they actually take effects in fighting. For example, the metal(damage) of one player’s weapon is A. The total metal(resistance) of his opponent’s armors is B. When A>B/5, the player’s weapon will generate additional harm to his opponent. The situation is the same for other five-element attributes.

Sum up every five-element attribute of weapon and armor the character has equipped. The one five-element attribute with the greatest value stands for the character’s principal five-element attribute. If the value of every five element is the same, then the character’s five-element attribute is neutral. Rules of five elements conquering and generating with each other: Metal conquers wood, wood conquers earth, earth conquers water and water conquers fire while fire conquers metal. Though there is an opposite relationship among five-element attribute, five elements generate each other: Metal generates water, water generates wood, wood generates fire and fire generates earth while earth generates metal. If a character with principal five-element attribute of metal attacks a character with principal five-element attribute of wood, he will cause additional damage finally. If an earth attribute player attacks a wood attribute player, the damage will be reduced. That is to say, player will prevail over his opponent if his five-element attribute conquers the opponent’s. However, neutral player will not be affected.

The total sum of attribute value for weapon or armor determines the star number of the weapon or armor. The higher the value, the more stars it gains.
You can forge your weapon at the Blacksmith’s in Chang’an City. See picture below.(Forge your armors at the Tailor’s in Chang’an City)


Fighting Scene 1
Fighting Scene 2

Click the monster you want to kill,and character will automatically attack it with defaulted basic skill of corresponding faction.
Player can also press hot key 1~9 to use skills. As there’s attack range restrain of skill, character will get close enough automatically to attack monsters.

The drops from monster will appear on monster’s body after it’s killed and will disappear in 3 minutes. Click the body to pick them up. If there are several drops, players can choose to pick up the drops they want by left-clicking on them or pick up all drops once by hot-key “space”.

Character dies once HP is 0. If player has Revival Elixir in inventory, he/she can revive in place with full HP and MP at once. Otherwise it will be sent to the revival spot of current map.
Pet cannot be released until 30 minutes after it dies. Players can also use a Revival Elixir to pet to revive it without waiting for 30 minutes.



  • Sound: To turn on/off the music of the game.
  • PvP To turn on/off PvP mode. (One cannot turn off PvP mode until 8 hours later after it is turned on.)
  • Current coordinate of map: To show player’s server line and coordinate.
  • Map: To have a full view of current map. Hot key is “M”.
  • Hotkeys bar: Player can drag skills or medicines to here for more convenient operation.
  • Hotkey bar for pet: Player can drag medicines here for more convenient operation.
  • Character: For character info. Hot key is “U”.
  • Backpack: For the information of items in inventory(backpack). Hot key is “I”.
  • Pet: For pet info and release pet for fighting. Hot key is “P”.
  • Mount: For mount info and ride on a mount. Hot key is “J”.
  • Team: To create a team or check team info. Hot key is “T”.
  • Quest: To check current quest list. Hot key is “Q”.
  • Auto-fighting: To use auto-fighting function. Hot key is “B”.
  • Mall: To buy items in the mall. Hot key is “Y”.
  • Friends: To check your friends, enemies, slaves, and search for other players by nickname. Hot key is “F”
  • Guild: Shows guild details. Hot key is “G”.
  • Rank To check the rankings of the game. Hot key is “H”.
  • Setting: To set character’s safty lock and delete current character.

The lower right part of game screen is speaking district for players to communicate with each other.

  • It shows what players are talking about.
  • Player can change chat channel to talk in different channels.
  • Input what you want to say and press [enter] to talk.


Create a Guild
Coins: 100000Guild Property
Guild level is defaulted as level-1 after created.
Guild can level up.
Guild fund: All guild members can donate coins as guild fund. Guild leader can hand out bonus to distribute guild fund to online guild members by choosing the following: guild leader, vice guild leader, hall leader, ordinary members, and all members.Guild Leader’s Authority
There are different amount of halls that a guild leader can set according to different guild levels after the guild is created. Guild leader can decide hall name, hall leader (can only be chosen from guild members) and his title, and limit of hall members. Guild leader can appoint two vice guild leaders at most who has the same authority with guild leader.

To Join a Guild
1. Players of level 15 or above can apply for joining a guild.
2. Player is not allowed to quit from guild within 24 hours after joining one.
3. Vice leader and hall leader are not allowed to quit without guild leader’s permission.
4. Guild leader is not allowed to quit unless guild is dismissed (The dissolution must get 2/3 of vice leaders and hall leaders’ agreement).
5. Guild leader and vice leader can send any member to any hall.
Guild Upgrade
Players can use 100 Prestige points to exchange for a Guild-upgrade Card from Activity Spokesman in Chang’an City which can be used to add 50 experience to Guild EXP.

How To Get Prestige Points
Kill a Errand Mission monster (with 【roam】 behind monster name) + 5
Kill Giant Demon Lord + 20
Kill Millennial Queen-bee Goblin + 30
Kill Alkaid + 50
Kill Cloning of Huangdi + 80
Bosses of above are in instances which will also increase all the prestige of members of a party.
Succeed in completing one escorting mission + 100
Kill a boss of eradicating-demons quest + 100

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