• Genre: City Building
  • Developer: RocketOwl Inc.
  • GD Star Rating

Greenspace is a new interactive social game developed by RocketOwl Inc. on Facebook.

You live in the future and have just discovered that human’s neglect of proper disposal methods has destroyed nature and devastated the universe. You have been assigned by the GreenSpace Corporation to both aid and give balance to the force of nature. It will be your job to renew hope for renewable energy.

So you accept this mission and after saying goodbye to your loved ones, you are blasted off into space on this tiny rocket ship. You then land on an unknown planet that is completely and utterly covered in garbage and junk heaps. It smells rancid, like seven-week-old milk mixed with your great-aunt’s leftover casserole. This planet is so filthy and toxic that your eyes are burning through your bubble helmet. In fact, you can barely move without bumping into a trashcan or slipping on a banana peel.

Your mission in GreenSpace is to clean up this pathetic, polluted wasteland and transform it into a green, sustainable utopia. You will face numerous tasks, which include clearing large amounts of junk from your land, constructing new energy source buildings and structures, and collecting experience, points and credits. As you progress through GreenSpace, the renewable technology you use will become more and more organic.

Your job will not be an easy one (nobody said it would be), but the GreenSpace Corporation will be here to guide you along the way and help you build a thriving green paradise.

Interact with your Facebook friends to complete team challenges and earn special prizes. Add decorations to your land for special bonuses and customize your GreenSpace character by unlocking full outfits and costume pieces.

GreenSpace is a fantastic game, with superb cinematic tutorial, soundtrack and overall detail, and call the attention to an educational and important cause! The environment…

Tips and Tricks

Getting Started

Once you’ve cleared a few pieces of junk from your land, you will be able to set up your camp and start building. In order for any structures or buildings to be placed, the area in which you want to position them must be free of debris. The structure also needs to be placed on your power grid to operate. By laying down a Power Node, you will be supplying power to an area around it. Some structures will produce energy for you to use, while others will produce credits for you to purchase more items. To be successful in GreenSpace, you will need to place a mix of both structures on your land.

Your Mission

As the chosen one, you must rebuild your Green Space to become a beautiful, livable utopia. Your friend Tin-4 will always show you fun things to try next to make a great new planet. By completing missions, you will be able to level up faster, unlock bonus structures, decorations and costumes for your GreenSpace avatar.

Maintaining your Green Space

There are three main attributes of GreenSpace: Credits, Energy and Experience Points.

You will gain experience points or XP from every action you take in GreenSpace, whether it be cleaning up pieces of garbage, unwrapping new structures or collecting from existing structures. Energy is collected from energy-producing structures such as solar panels, water turbines and windmills. Credits are collected from credit-producing structures like tents, recycling plants and outhouses. Credits are the main form of currency for purchasing structures and buildings, but RocketFuel can be used to purchase additional energy, credits, outfits and bonus structures. You can also save lots of time with RocketFuel by using it to collect from all of your structures or unwrap packages faster.


Energy is an invaluable commodity in GreenSpace. Your character will need energy to perform many actions in the game, such as cleaning, building, unwrapping and collecting.

Understanding the Power Grid

In GreenSpace, the Power Grid supplies your land with energy. Power Nodes, as pictured below, expand the area that your Power Grid occupies. You can increase the capacity of your Power Grid by placing more energy-producing structures on the grid. Credit-producing structures draw from your planet’s Power Grid, so you will need to supply your grid with enough power from energy-producing structures to run them. Placing decorations on your land will have no effect on your Power Grid.

Types of Power Nodes

There are seven types of powernodes: basic nodes, water nodes, all terrain nodes, pink nodes, black nodes, purple nodes, and super nodes. You can find them in the “Power Nodes” tab under the “Build” button on the GreenSpace menu. Each node has a different function, for example the basic nodes can only be placed on land, the water nodes can only be placed on water, and the all terrain nodes can be placed anywhere. The pink, black, and purple nodes can be placed on land, but cover a larger grid range. The supernode covers an even larger grid range and can only be placed on land.

Power Distribution

Everytime you open the GreenSpace menu, you will see a balance meter (pictured below). When an energy-producing structure is built it adds a value to the energy side of the meter, and when a credit-producing building is built it adds a value to the credit side of the meter. You must always maintain a balance between energy-producing structures and credit-producing buildings. If you build too many of either type, the arrow on the meter will indicate this and you will not be allowed to continue building that type until the meter is balanced.

Visit Your Friends’ Planets

Friends are critical to success in GreenSpace and many levels will require you to have a certain number of friends to level up or purchase specific items needed to complete a mission.

You can visit your friends’ planets every 24 hours to help them clear garbage and accomplish missions. All of your friend actions are replenished at midnight GMT. By visiting neighbouring planets on Facebook, you will not only be able collect credits and XP for yourself, but also help friends by unwrapping or collecting from their energy buildings and structures.

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