Guitar God

  • Genre: Music RPG
  • Developer: Metrogames
  • Monthly Users: 1000
  • GD Star Rating

Guitar God is a Facebook game from the genre of TubeHero or Guitar Flash, where you have to skillfully use your keyboard to play notes according to music. Become the ultimate rockstar playing your favorite songs in the guitar. Hit the scrolling musical notes and win experience to reach new levels and unlock new songs!

Guitar God is in my opinion the best of all, great looks, options and overall options.

You can shop for extra items, like clothes or guitars, with lots of customization options on your character. You can also challenge your friends.

The game is divided into levels, every time you play you gain experience, which allows to level up unlocking new new songs to play, well overall it feels more like a game than the others, also the gameplay is excellent, good response times and instant knowledge of your performance with quality scores improves gameplay. Sound effects are excellent, you really feel it when you do a mistake :). There are also presented videos as you play, although, as in the other cases, you really don’t have time to look at them, at least if you want to perform well.

Guitar God is a great option for the genre!

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Guitar God, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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