• Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: Supercell
  • GD Star Rating
    loading... is an isometric, real-time multiplayer role-playing game from Supercell no available on Facebook. takes place in a dystopian, sci-fi world where players do battle on an isometric map. Players arrive in a pristine island called Dawnbreak, tasked with fighting off infected citizens and later uncover just what’s going on here.

After the story introduction you start by doing some tutorial tasks, basically is all done with the mouse, on a point a click basis, you have to talk to game characters to get missions, and there is a green arrow pointing out the directions. is a really great game, and in Facebook it gets even better, mixing all the features of a real time massive multiplayer role playing game with Facebook features like inviting friends or gathering a team to take out bosses.

The game also features crafting, where you can gather resources to make your own customized weapons, 3 different classes to choose from, each with different capabilities and special abilities. Full character customization, weapons and armor upgrades, etc.

As a real time game, features chat with several options, like filtering who can participate in the conversation, draw strategy in real time and decide attack strategies are possible this way. is topped up with top notch graphics, fluid gameplay, full screen mode and great sounds, and it is a great game either to Facebook or more hard core gamers!

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