Halter Game

  • Genre: horse simulation
  • Developer: Genetic Games
  • Monthly Users: 75
  • GD Star Rating

Be the largest Arabian horses breeder in the exciting Halter Game. A simulator where organization and creativity come into contention for the match.

Halter game if another Facebook game about horses, we have already reviewed Horse Saga, this game is about the same thing, take care of horses, breed them, train them and pet them, but even if the basics are the same the two games are quite different.

Halter Game features very nice 3D graphics, you are given a property, your “haras”, and you have to build it up from scratch, place your house, stables, pastures and even silos for food, you also have to plant and harvest your horses food or you can buy it ant the shop.

While in Horse Saga all is done within the same static screen, with menus and nice “Facebook Graphics”, here you have a great 3D view of your “haras” and you can place buildings wherever you want, you can move them later, you also have to place your horses in the pastures or in the stable or even in the training structures like the treadmill.

Halter Game has a much more realistic look and feel when compared to Horse Saga, the buildings are very detailed and well built, the horses are also very realistic, well all you can expect from a simulation game, rather than a casual Facebook game.

The downside is that the interface is not very intuitive and you may feel a little lost at beginning, also the menu lack of a description when you place your mouse over them.

Halter Game features full screen view which is great, because it gives you much more space to play and in this particular game is great as it gives you a better perspective of the game and what you have to do.

All the other stuff is there, you can invite friends to play, you can place decorations to make your “haras” more attractive, there are lots of structure that become available as you level up.

Breeding is also present with detail, each of your horses has its own characteristics, and you have to keep that in mind, to gather the best of both male and female progenitors.

Competitions are what you are training your horses for, and when they are ready you can sign them on, and see how it goes.

Halter Game is a game for horse Fans with great attention to details, mandatory for horse fans! I’ve seen retail games that look and play worse than this.

Tips and Tricks

Halter Game Starter Tips

When you start the game you have to place some crucial items to get you going:

The house: Where you can hire employees and receive messages.

The pasture: Where can put your horses to mate, eat and drink as long as you have food and water, you must have another pasture if you want to plant hay, which cannot be planted in a pasture with horses, some time later you need to harvest the hay and place it a silo.

Silo: To store hay.

Stall: Where your horses rest, also eat and drink, you have to stock it.

Treadmill: To train your horses, you can also send them to training camp.

This should set you up, if you have any more questions you can place them here in the comments or just hit help on the top right of the screen to access the help page with detailed info on the game basics.

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Halter Game, 4.7 out of 5 based on 16 ratings

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