Happy Hospital

  • Genre: Pets, Hospital simulation
  • Developer: Wooga
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Welcome to Happy Hospital! Cure cute pets and build your own hospital. Happy Hospital is one of the genre mash-up games that fascinate a lot of Facebook developers (and gamers) at the moment. Happy Hospital combines the durable virtual pets genre with the less successful (but promising) hospital management sub-genre.

In Happy Hospital, you can encounter many lovely animals, such as the most common pets – dogs, cats; and animals in the wild, for example bears, raccoons, and giraffe; even animals you will never want to have – monsters. These cute animals might be suffered from all kinds of pain and diseases, for example, they are probably bitten by a piranha, or they may just catch a cold. Every time they get sick, the poor little things would look at you with tears in their round and big eyes. And your job is to give them proper treatment and make them vigorous again.

At the very beginning, you are given a three-story clinic with only five rooms. The animals will come to you in the hope of being cured, or just being cleansed. No matter their requirement is tough or simple, they must be stopped and wait in the reception room.

Later, they will be diagnosed by doctor owl who is a really wise and experienced one. After being clearly diagnosed, little pets should be taken to proper treatment rooms. At first, you only have two treatment rooms and one medicine room which allow you to treat limited diseases. But as you upgrade in the game, your ability will also improve. Besides, advance treatment equipments can also purchased, as well as the expensive medicine, as long as you have enough of money.

Taking them to the right treatment room doesn’t mean the end of your work. Sometimes, your patients will need further treatment. And their multiple requirements will make you extremely busy. At this time, you have to be very cautious not to make any mistakes, because your unintended mistakes might eventually lead to their death. I’m sure you don’t want to see them lying dead on your operating table.

Efficiency is also crucial while confronting peak time, because the little patients have been waiting too long, they might get mad at you and you finally lose your patient, as well as your reputation. You can avoid this kind of situation by hiring specialists once you increased your treatment rooms. There will be notice to inform you about it.

Tips and Tricks

How to play Happy Hospital

 During the tutorial, you’ll get to build your waiting room, diagnostics, and other basic rooms that need to cure a bear. As you progress through the game, you’ll get a chance to build more to expand your hospital. These are needed to cater to more pet patients that require certain rooms to cure them.

Click on the Shop icon just right beside the fountain image and choose what room you’d like to build. To know how many rooms you can build, the shop icon will indicate a number. To unlock more empty space, you need to progress to higher levels.

Once you’ve chosen your room, move around your hospital space and you’ll find available spaces to build it. As shown on the image above, just drag the room around and pick your preferred spot.

Cure Pet Patients

Leveling up will unlock different pets for you to cure. The first step is to go to the reception and click on the hospital computer. This will show the pets you can cure.

It will indicate the rooms it needs to cure the patient, how long it will take and rewards you’ll get. The rewards you see on the hospital computer shows what you’ll get per room. So, for the giraffe, as an example, you’ll get 12 coins and 5 experience points per room. That will be a total of 24 coins and 10 experience points per giraffe cured.

To level up faster, you can use the boost feature on every room. This will shorten your treatment time and get your patients cured in no time. Pick a patient and hover your mouse over it to see how long it will take to finish the treatment.


When you cure patients, you’ll need to replace each equipment’s battery every time a treatment has been done. To get a new battery, you’ll need to use the Power Slot machine.

Click on it and it will start spinning until it randomly gives you a reward. Keep on clicking until you are successful in getting a jackpot of 3 batteries. This will give you one to use on any of your equipment. You can gather as much as you want and can prep an idle equipment with batteries so it is ready for the next patient.

Take note that each time you spin, it will cost you 10 coins.

This machine not only gives you batteries but randomly rewards you coins and experience points. It’s nice to use this while you wait for patients to be treated.

As you level up, you’ll be able to build a kitchen in your hospital. A yeti will prepare coffee which can be used to keep your doctors awake. Click on the yeti in the kitchen and it will start preparing.

You’ll get a total of 4 coffee drinks. Collect them and serve it to your sleepy doctors. If you see one that has a coffee cup icon on top of their heads, then it’s time to serve them coffee.


When you reach level 5, a fountain of youth will be available for you to build. This is used to cure elders when they visit your hospital. To restore them to a young age, you’ll need the required gems needed to operate the fountain.

Elders appear when you’ve cured the required number of patients. To know how many you need, click on the idle fountain. A window will appear to show you the number and rewards you’ll get once you’ve successfully cured the elder.

You’ll have your own gem flower that you can harvest every 4 hours. The flower is randomly selected for you. This is the same for your neighbors. As these are needed to operate the fountain of youth, you can harvest them at your neighbor’s hospitals.

Look at your neighbor’s list and you’ll notice some of them have images that show what gem they have. They appear when they are ready to be harvested. When you visit, click on the flower to store them.

Look for Mr. Birdy

Another benefit to visiting your neighbor is receiving an extra 10 coins for locating Mr. Birdy. If you look at your list, you’ll notice a blue bird appear. This means you can find him and receive your reward.

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