Happy Island

  • Genre: Island Management
  • Developer: CrowdStar
  • Monthly Users: 10000
  • GD Star Rating

Happy Island is an Island management Facebook game from CrowdStar, join your friends to design the coolest island ever! Play for free and create the island of your dreams!

The object of the game in Happy Island is to create a tourist economy on a small plot of land jutting out of the ocean. Every player starts the game with an airstrip and a dock to welcome visitors to the island, as well as a small handful of attractions and decorations.

As tourists visit each of these attractions they’ll pay a small fee to enter. Raise enough money from these little visits to upgrade your attractions or purchase new ones, which in turn will attract more visitors to the island.

There are a handful of attractions and decorations that can only be purchased using Facebook credits, but much to our surprise these items were few and far between. Many Facebook games tend to keep the coolest content under lock and key unless you’re willing to pay, but Happy Island tends to keep nearly everything in their Island Shop available to those using only in-game coins.

Coins, as mentioned, are earned by your attractions. But merely having the attractions set up isn’t enough to get the coins into your bank. You’ll need to visit your attractions regularly and empty out their cash tills if you want to have that money to spend.

There’s very little to do in this game asides from picking up trash, cashing out attractions and putting up new buildings. Each game session lasts mere seconds, and you don’t need to revisit your island more than a few times a day to makes sure you’re earning every last penny from your holiday haven.

Tips and Tricks

Happy Island strategy Guide

Getting started in Happy Island – After installing your Happy Island game, you will see a few pop ups that will get you started with the game. The pop ups will tell you to click the Shop icon and select an attraction for your island. Then you are free to move about on your own.

Buying Happy Island attractions – It is important that you add attractions to your island as often as you can. The more attractions you have, the more visitors you will get. That means you will earn more money. To buy attractions, you will need to click the Shop icon in the bottom left corner of your game. When the store opens, click the Attractions tab at the top. Use the arrows to scroll through the store to see what you have to choose from. You can purchase any of the attractions as long as you have the money. The further you scroll, the higher the attractions become. Once you have found an attraction you want to purchase, click the attraction. Then place the attraction on anywhere on your island by clicking your mouse.

Moving Happy Island items – If you want to rearrange your island, you can do so by moving your attractions. To move an attraction, you will need to click the attraction. You will then see a box open and you will need to click the Move button in the box. Then click the spot you want to move the attraction too. The attraction will then be placed in the new spot.

Selling Happy Island items – If you no longer want an item and would like to sell it, you can. To sell an item, click the item and click the Sell button in the box. A new box will open and show you how much you will earn for selling the item. If you still want to sell it, click the green check mark. If you have changed your mind, click the red X.

Rotating Happy Island items – You can also rotate your items in Happy Island. To rotate an item, click the item. When the box opens, click the Flip button. Your item will then be flipped. You can only flip decorations. You cannot flip attractions.

Buying Happy Island decorations – Adding decorations to your island is a nice way to build it up. The decorations for the island is pretty cheap. To buy decorations, click the Shop button. Then click the Decorations tab at the top of the box. That will display your decorations. Click a decoration you want to buy. Then place the decoration where you want it on your island. You can then open the store and purchase more decorations if you want.


How to earn Happy Island coins

  • Visit your neighbors – Visiting your neighbors and clicking the trash in their water will earn you coins. You can also click the treasure chest to earn coins.
  • Collecting coins from your buildings – When your buildings become 2/3 full, you can click the coin bag and collect coins.
  • Cleaning up your island – If you have trash in your water or on your island, you can click it to clean your island up. Cleaning your island will earn you coins.
  • Selling Happy Island decorations – If you are in need of coins or have decorations you no longer want, you can sell your decorations to earn coins.

Facebook Credits in Happy Island – Facebook credits are used to do an instant upgrade in the Happy Island game. You can purchase these credits by clicking a building, choosing Upgrade, and then clicking Instant Upgrade. A new box will open and you will need to select your option for payment and how many credits you want to buy. Then you can use however many credits is needed for that instant upgrade.

How to earn Happy Island experience points – It is important for you to earn as many XP points as you can in Happy Island. Earning these points will level you up in the game. The following are ways you can earn XP Points.

  • Clicking treasure chests – Clicking your friends’ treasure chests will earn you XP points.
  • Cleaning trash – Cleaning trash will also earn you XP Points.
  • Collecting coins – When you collect coins, you will receive XP Points.
  • Selling decorations – Selling your decorations will also earn you XP Points.

Happy Island levels – Leveling up in Happy Island is done by earning experience (XP) points. Visit your neighbors often and collect your coins when they are ready to earn XP points. This is the quickest way to earn XP points. When you level up, you will be able to buy more attractions.

Upgrading Happy Island attractions – It is important that you upgrade your attractions when you can. Upgrading the attractions will attract more tourists. In turn, you will earn more coins. To do an upgrade, you will need to click the attraction you want to upgrade. Then click the Upgrade button in the box that pops up. A new box will open and tell you all about the upgrade. You can then click to upgrade the attraction or choose not to upgrade it.

Tourist info – You can find out information on your tourists by clicking them. Once you click on them, you will see a box open and in this box you will see their mood, how far the walked, and how much money they have spent.


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