Happy Kingdom

  • Genre: City Building
  • Developer: Happy Elements
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Happy Kingdom is a city building and adventure Facebook game set in the Middle Ages, where players explore, construct and collaborate to gain power within their realm. As king, you must lead your subjects to produce goods, construct a castle, open territory, train an army, upgrade and develop your very own kingdom.

Players who develop their Kingdoms wisely will experience a sense of achievement and their civilizations will progress splendidly, while players can also cooperate with friends and help each other, side by side and enjoy the fun of gaining power together. Happy Kingdom’s art design is also a treat, with fine 3D graphics that are sure to appeal to a variety of people. Happy Kingdom lets anyone create a perfect kingdom of their own!

Build houses and plant crops, fulfill your population needs, and grow your kingdom, as you advance in the game, you will unlock new quests, new building types and new features, you will also be able to explore the world around you and discover new and fantastic locations and epic quests.

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