Hello Adventure!

  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: Free Lunch Design
  • Monthly Users: 7000
  • GD Star Rating

Hello Adventure! is a role playing Facebook game done the right way. Great 3d isometric graphics, cute characters and even monsters!

Hello Adventure! is just that, adventure and exploration in a light well put together role playing hack and slash game, fight monsters, collect loot, improve your equipment and craft items its all there, done in a nice simple way for Facebook users to enjoy the best of hard role playing but available in your browser and with a gameplay that you can enjoy for hours or just a coffee break.

Hello Adventure! is a strait forward exploring and fighting monsters game, the game is divided by level you have explore and ultimately find a chest with a reward, lots of quests and tasks are present, some more difficult than others, some will demand you to finish a level and kill some type of level boss, other simple require you to find someone or something along the way. Each quest or task will be rewarded when finished, with money and resources.

Gameplay is done by pointing and clicking with the mouse, and battle is turn based, there are items to regain health and special items that can be used in battle, like throw weapons and bombs.

Another great thing is that is no energy system, meaning no energy restrictions :), you can play as long as you don’t die, and even in that case, it is not that serious, you are taken back to your camp until you regain health.

You’ll encounter some character along your journey that will add extra features to the game, like crafting, this will allow you to craft items to help you further in your quest. The drawback is that crafting can be quite demanding in terms of friends or money, as many needed craft items can only be gifted or bought.

You can even decorate your camp, with several items, cook food, which will provide health boosts, and buy stuff in the shop like weapons, helmets, outfits, skills and goods, others you will collect along your journey.

Friends are need also to unlock some levels, but won’t deny you to play the main story, you may need to replay some levels though to get extra experience and level up to fulfill the level requirements.

Hello Adventure! is a really excellent role playing game to play on Facebook!

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