Hero City

  • Genre: City Building
  • Developer: Paprika Lab
  • GD Star Rating

Hero City might confuse some of you, if you are expecting a game of super heroes or some kind of bad super villains  fight you’re completely on the wrong path or at least part of it.

Hero City is another city building game for Facebook on the genre of CityVille and others like it. The difference is that in Hero City the citizens are… well superheroes, and thats about it.

This game basically lets you build your own town, build houses, businesses and decors, eventually citizens, in this case heroes, will move in to live in your city, as you progress more heroes will arrive and so on.

The “heroes part” comes in the form of missions you heroes perform around the world, as there is always crimes and villains to fight they have to rescue the world, this is done by dispatching your heroes to fight in some location around the world, in the begin is only a small area, but as you advance in the game, new areas will unlock for your heroes to visit. In some cases it is necessary to send them multiple time to the same location to finish their job.

The graphics are quite standard, and the game missed a great opportunity to stand out with the original idea, as one would expect of a game of Super Heroes, finally is just another city building kinda graphics game.

Tips and Tricks

How to play Hero City

First of all follow the tutorial, here are some screen shots to help you.









Game Features

City Building
Build houses, businesses and cool factories. Place roads and decorations to connect buildings and increase your population limit. Upgrade your buildings to make the greatest city and help heroes move in to houses to get extra bonuses including coin bonuses.

Super Heroes
Collect as many super heroes as you can. Help your super heroes level up and send them all over the world to achieve victory against the evil super villain Techneto.

Neighbor Cities
Visit your friends’ super hero cities to help them accomplish tasks. You can also earn energy and collect items for yourself. Send your super heroes to your friends’ super hero cities to kick out Techneto’s minions. Form alliances with your neighbors and save the world.

As the mastermind of your super heroes league, you must level up your super heroes and develop their super powers. As the city leader you must continuously develop your city to make it a thriving city. The city advisors will guide you through tasks that will help you build a great Hero City!

Game FAQ (From Official game site)

How do I gain XP?
Players can gain XP from actions completed in the game. For details, please see below.

  • Complete building
  • Complete upgrading a building
  • Get reward from heroes who finish a job from the outside world and have returned to your city
    Complete quest
  • Collect coins or produced goods from buildings

How can I buy new buildings, decorations, roads, and heroes?
Click on the “Build” button, navigate to the appropriate tab and purchase it. Some of the buildings and decorations have requirements such as reaching a certain level.

How can I gain more energy?
For every 5 minutes, you will receive 1 energy point, up to your max energy. You will also get more energy in various ways:

  • Receive energy by visiting your neighbors
  • Can be gifted by your neighbors
  • Purchase more energy with Facebook Credit.
  • When you level up your energy will be refilled for free!
  • Sometimes your energy will be recharged when you complete certain actions as a random hidden bonus!

How can I help my super heroes “Move In” to my city?

Step1: Click on the “Heroes” button from the menu.

Step2: Click the green button named “Move in First”.

Step3: Select housing that hero will stay in.

Some heroes may demand better houses so you have to build diverse buildings to satisfy their needs.
Note: Don’t forget your businesses get a payout bonus when near one of your super heroes houses!

What’s upgrade? How does it work?

Upgrade is one of the ways of modernizing your city. It will replace your existing buildings with newer and prettier ones. Upgrading your buildings enables you collect more coins and produce higher quality items. Try to build as many different buildings as possible to figure out what kind buildings exist in the game!
To upgrade, click the building and click on the blue house/arrow.

How can I get a reward completing a collection?
You will receive collection items when you collect coins, produce goods, or collect rewards from completing tasks in the world with your heroes. Different collections have different rewards. To check the progress of your current collections and also to collect the rewards from completed collections, click the “Marvels” button from the bottom-right menu.

How many neighbors can I have?
You can have up to 300 neighbors (really? you can have 300 neighbors?). Neighbors are important in Hero City. They will help you reach certain goals or unlock new regions and more! Heroes must unite to fight and save the world against the evil Techneto! You can receive a bonus reward by visiting up to 50 neighbors’ cities each day.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment, someone will help you out!
And if you have additional tips, just share it using the comments!
And keep coming back, as we are always updating!!


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