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Hero is a war strategy game available on Facebook. It is similar to other titles like Illyriad or Samurai Dynasty among others. The game is divided into several areas, the castle where you have your main buildings, to produce food, monster for you army etc., the hero is the one leading your army of monsters into quests and against other players.

Quests give you items and experience for you Hero, to unlock quest you’ll need to upgrade specific buildings, there is also a whole role Playing side to the game, where you Hero gets skill points to improve skill for each level up, weapons, armor and artifacts to improve skills, and lots of different items like health potions and other.

There also guilds that you can join once you get to level 30 and ranking system.

Tips and Tricks

HERO Game Guide

1.How to get gold?

1.1 Players get gold through farming. By upgrading the farm, players can grow more crops, gain more gold.
1.2 To receive a daily bonus
1.3 Do the task

2.What is the monster? How to build monster army?

2.1 In the [Legend of Heroes], you can use the monster to attack other players (that needs a hero conductor). The more monsters, the higher damage and defense.
2.2 You can get monster in the following ways: 1. Invite friends to join the game 2. Regularly catch monsters in your castle 3. Steal your friend’s monster
2.3 The higher intellectual point of your hero: 1. Can command more monsters to fight 2. Can more easily catch monster
2.4 Monsters randomly appear in your castle. The higher the level of your farm, you can attract the more monsters
2.5 If the hero can not fight (in a coma), the monster may be robbed. (Note: Put monsters into the cave to prevent being robbed)
2.6 Buy Monster (monster shop), quickly set up your monster army!

3.Heroes of the four properties of the game are what? What are the implications of the game?

3.1 Heroes of the four properties in the game are: strength, defense, intelligence, endurance.
3.2 [Power]: determine your hero attack power. Greater strength, higher damage
3.3 [Defense]: determine the degree of your hero’s defense. The higher the defense, the harm is smaller.
3.4 [Intelligence]: the higher intelligence, your hero can command more monsters
3.5 [Endurance]: determines the hero’s blood and physical. The higher endurance, the higher the maximum blood and energy.

4.How to do the task? How to get rewards?

4.1 View the top navigation, select the [task]. In the [task] page, you can view and do the task.
4.2 Do the task required to meet mission requirements: 1. Rating – the higher level task, the higher hero level limit 2. Props – some tasks require special props, check the mission statement
4.3 Heroes need to consume physical strength to do the task; complete the task, you get the appropriate experience, gold and random props.

5.How to fight?

5.1 Select and challenge your opponent, gain experience, upgrade hero. (Through maps and charts to find your opponent)
5.2 Get the experience and prestige to win the challenges and the opportunity to grab the opponent’s gold and monsters.
5.3 To overcome the opponent, you will need: 1. High-grade hero 2. Good equipment 3. A lot of monsters
5.4 If the challenge wins, will likely get the system awards (equipment, gems, etc.).
5.5 Hero challenge opponents need to consume energy.
5.6 Challenged by other people, your hero does not reduce physical

6.What is physical?

6.1 Use a hero fighting, to do tasks require physical exertion; hero can not perform the operation lack of physical
6.2 Physical recovery: 1. Wait (30 points / 3 hours) 2. Using props [energy medicine]

7.What is a hero coma? How to recover?

7.1 When the hero’s blood is 0, the hero in a coma
7.2 Heroes in a coma state can not fight and do the task
7.3 Hero level determines the duration of coma. The higher the level, the longer the coma
7.4 The blessings of friends can reduce the length of coma; use props [Magic Potion] can make the hero immediately revive.

8.What is “enhanced equipment”?

8.1 Enhancement can be divided into three categories: 1. Equipment forging 2. Equipment drilling 3. Equipment mosaic.
8.2 Equipment through the equipment can enhance the properties of forging (attack & defense)
8.3 Forging higher the level, the more equipment to enhance property
8.4 Forging success rate decreases as the level of increase, forging equipment failure will lead to return to original state
8.5 After the drilling equipment can be fitted with precious Gems (Gems can increase attribute points). Different equipment have different maximum number of holes
8.6 There are four Gems level: 1. Little 2. In 3. Big 4. Perfect

9.What is the role of the castle? How to upgrade the castle

9.1 Castle can: 1. Storage monster 2. Buy Monsters
9.2 The higher the level the castle, you can store more monsters, more monsters can be purchased
9.3 Use of gold or diamond can upgrade your castle

10.What is a guild?

10.1 Guild will belong to players their own organizations. Eligible players are free to create and join guilds
10.2 Become a member, has a dedicated chat channel, has special guild tasks and guild rewards

11.How to set the [Auto blood]?

11.1 If the backpack has blood props, in the [hero] interface, you can set it to [Automatic blood] props. Once activated blood props, when the hero blood close to 0, the system automatically uses props

12.What is prestige?

12.1 Using the prestige, you can recruit more heroes; prestige higher, you can recruit the more advanced heroes
12.2 Prestige determine your ranking (killer list)
12.3 Challenge other players and win, your prestige +1
12.4 Give gifts to friends through the game, your prestige +1

13.What is the [medal]? How to get [medal]?

13.1 There are three medals: 1. [Green Medal] 2. [Blue Medal] 3. [Gold medal]. Collection of medals can be exchanged [Magic Items]
13.2 Give gifts to friends through the game, you will receive medal

14.How to speed up the crops mature?

14.1 Invite a friend to access your castle and cast in the fields, will speed up the crops mature. The more friends and mature faster.
14.2 Through grasping the friends become slaves to speed up the crops mature.

15.What is the [meditation practice]?

15.1 Each hero can meditate once a day. Meditation practice to gain experience and have a chance to get a mysterious props.

16.[Equipment Exchange] and [equipment recycling]?

16.1 Through the [second-hand trading center], the game allows players to freely trade equipment
16.2 You can quickly allow the system to recycle your equipment (sell price automatically calculated by the system)

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