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Lights, camera, action! Make it big as a movie mogul and lead your very own Entertainment Empire. Watch the skies light up with your name as you build your media paradise by creating movie studios for horror, drama, comedy and more. You run the show in Hollywood City, where fame and fortune await!

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Digital Chocolate is a leading publisher of original, high-quality Omni games – games that reach mass market consumers across all platforms and are driven by social value, convenience and instant gratification. Consumers can “Seize the Minute!” with a catalog of more than 80 award-winning Digital Chocolate games available for Apple iPhone, smartphones, the web, Facebook, Xbox LIVE and thousands of different mobile phones in more than 80 countries.
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Digital Chocolate, Inc.

The fastest and easiest way to gain experience points is to build new buildings, so do the following trick if you want to gain experience quickly: Build something, then destroy it. You will gain back a good portion of what you spent on it (around 35%), and if you have a lot of money simply sitting in your coffers and you want to level up quickly, just build, destroy, build, destroy and build, over and over, and you will level up rapidly.

The best way to gain money is to follow the quests. To see the missions, click on your advisor. Many of them are easy – for example, rename your company once, and you get around 25,000 free dollars. Do the ones that are cheap and easy to do if you want quick, free, easy money,

Maximize the income from your entertainment facilities by centering your studios around them. Do this early on by building your studios around your movie theater, and your theater, if it’s influenced by 3 or more studios, can become an excellent frequent coin-farming tool.

You start off with plenty of facilities (which add an income bonus to nearby studios) in your city, but they’re all spread out, so that they have no influence on anything. Build your studios close together, and then move all of the facilities using the move tool (it looks like 4 directional arrows in the corner of the screen) to move all of the facilities to areas where they can add bonuses to the studios (to see the grid of influence, simply mouse over the facilities).

Don’t bother building plots for anything except for studios. You don’t need pre-plotted land to build facilities.

A good strategy to compound your facility bonuses, is, when you are building new roads, new studios and new facilities, sandwich your facilities in between studios. For example, a good stretch might look like this:


In this example, the = sign represents the studios, and the – sign represents the facilities. Your facilities should be ones with greater areas of influence, so that the influences compound and create huge monetary bonuses for your studios.

Also, build landmarks literally as soon as you unlock them. They are cheap, they take a long time to build (14 days a piece), and they will influence literally every single studio on your lot.

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