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Root, root, root for your home team in the baseball game for the entire family. Licensed by the Major League Baseball Players Association, Home Team Baseball lets you cheer on your favorite players and help your team reach the top of the standings.

A game anybody can play, Home Team Baseball takes you to the ballpark where you can influence your players’ performance just by being a fan. But don’t just cheer on your own. Invite your friends into the stadium and create your own cheering section. The more noise the crowd makes, the more support your players will feel.

Bring your friends and get ready for the clutch hits and big strikeouts!

Tips and Tricks

Home Team Baseball FAQ

Cheering 101

What happens when I click the Clap button?

When you click the Clap button, your Cheering Section puts their hands together to support your team. The faster you click, the more the Noise Level fills up.

Is it guaranteed that my player will get a hit (or an out on defense) if the Noise Level reaches the top?

It is not 100% guaranteed, but players feed off of fan support and want to perform well for the home-team crowd.

What are Cheers?

Cheers are special boosts that can help your Cheering Section make noise for one at-bat.

How do I use one of my Cheers?

During the batter introduction, click your mascot. It will lead your Cheering Section in this special cheer. After the batter introduction is over, you’ll see a Cheer button where you normally see a Clap button. Click that Cheer button as fast as you can to fill the Noise Meter.

How does the Cheering Section work?

The Cheering Section consists of 5 seats. If you can fill every seat, your Cheering Section will give you a substantial in-game bonus. You can fill your Cheering Section with your Friends for free. A Friend can sit in your Cheering Section one time per day. If you no longer have Friends available, you can hire Fans for 1 Cheer each.


Why does the game start in the bottom of the 8th inning?

Home Team Baseball simulates the first 7.5 innings to put your team in intense, late-inning situations where fan support can tip the scales.

Why does every at-bat start “in progress”?

To deliver maximum intensity, we have removed most balls and strikes and have put the fan right into the make-or-break pitch.

How can I bring in a pinch hitter or relief pitcher?

You’re the fan, so you don’t have control over that. We’ll leave it up to the manager to give someone the hook.

What happens when I complete a mission?

Each time you complete a mission, you get a Win Spin as a bonus. This Win Spin will give you either an autographed baseball, a pennant, game tickets or Cheers.

Do I get a Win Spin if I defeat my opponent but I don’t complete the mission?

No. You have to fulfill the mission’s requirements to get the bonus spin.


How do I see my collection items?

Go to the My Team section, which is accessible from the main menu. Then, click a player to see his card. Your collected autographs will be visible on the cards.

If I switch teams, will I lose my collection items?

No. Your collection items are stored with the team. When you switch back to your original team, you can view all the balls you collected.


How do I get more Game Tickets?

Every day you log in to play, you get 2 free Game Tickets. More Game Tickets can be purchased with Facebook credits.

How do I get more Cheers?

You can win Cheers by winning games and leveling up. You can also purchase Cheers with Facebook credits.

How do I change my home team?

Go to the game’s main screen. At the bottom of the screen, there is an icon of a person and a wrench. This is the Edit Profile icon. If you click this icon, you can choose to change your team or your team name. Changing your team costs 5 Cheers. There is no limit on the number of times you can change your team. You maintain your current record, Home Team Points and Rank title.

Why does each player have 5 Cheer outlines under his photo?

These 5 Cheers signify player support. Every Cheer you use during the game helps to boost that player’s support. If you use enough Cheers on a player, he will level up and perform even better on the field.

Stability & Loading

What are the minimum requirements to play this game?

In order to play Home Team Baseball, your computer must be able to run Adobe Flash. Here’s a list of recommended software for each operating system.

Windows XP, Vista or 7
Adobe Flash Player 10
Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer with JavaScript enabled

Mac OS X 10.3+
Adobe Flash Player 10
Firefox or Safari with JavaScript enabled

Note: In order to install these components, you will need to be logged into an account with Administrative privileges. On most standard computers, this will be the default “Owner” or “Admin” that was created at the time the computer was set up originally.

Devices that do not support Flash (i.e., iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and most cell phones) will not be able to run Home Team Baseball.

I’m trying to play the game in the Opera browser, but it won’t load. What should I do?

Home Team Baseball does not support the Opera browser at this time. We would ask that you play the game in a different browser.

The game gets very slow and I can’t play it! How do I fix it?

If you are playing Home Team Baseball with multiple pages or programs opened, try closing them to see if that improves the performance of the game. Additionally, you might want to clear the browser’s cache. Directions on how to do that can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/68xgwv

I get a blank screen when I play this game. How do I fix this?

Please try the following steps to successfully load the game:

• Please be sure to read the recommended software noted above in the minimum requirements section.
• Please try updating your browser to the latest version.
• Please try updating to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.
• Please make sure Flash storage memory is set to “Unlimited”. To set it, Right click on Feevo, select Settings. The Adobe Flash Player Settings box should appear. Under the third tab labeled Local Storage, move the adjuster all the way to the right to set the storage memory as Unlimited.

Don’t forget to refresh again once you’ve completed the steps above.

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