Hoop Fever Live

  • Genre: Sports, Arcade, Basketball
  • Developer: TheBroth
  • Monthly Users: 4100
  • GD Star Rating

Hoop Fever Live is a Basketball simulation game, where you have to shoot hoops from several distances and try to score, the further you shoot the higher the points. It is actually very nice in terms of physics, and it can be entertaining for a while, it is not very easy to play, so you have to train a little.

You can play with your friends, and as you play, you can join Facebook Groups to play, or even create your own leagues, for example a family league or a co-workers league. You can even play national leagues, choose your country and play with players from your country in a worldwide competition.

Shoot hoops with your friends and get the best score!

Unlock exciting game modes, create custom leagues, play in the nations cup, pit Facebook Groups against each other.

Play against thousands of players online in a LIVE game!

If you like the genre, you should take a look, simple but effective and additive game.

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How To Play Hoop Fever Live

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Hoop Fever Live, 1.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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