Horse Saga

  • Genre: Horse training
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • GD Star Rating

Gaga about horses? Fan of competition? Or just looking for fun horse breeding experiments with your friends? Join & Play Horse Saga now!

Horse Saga is a Facebook Simulation game about horses, you have to run your own estate and train, pet, breed and compete with your friends on several types of competitions.

I know nothing about horses, I like horses in general, I’ve ride horses when I was young in my grand parents village, for lots of years, but I have never had more contact with them since then, so I’m as almost everyone, I don’t know anything about training, or breeding horses.

Horse Saga is very well designed and structured, with a good introductory tutorial, you learn the basic stuff, you have to train, pet, feed, and train again, all this done with simple tasks, that can be a little repetitive, but it is also a way to teach you how it is done.

There lots of tasks to do, all rewarded accordingly, so you will always be entertained, at least until you energy runs out…

You can compete in beauty contests with your horses, there are several competitions available, racing, reining, dressage, Show Jumping and cross-country, they will become available as you gain experience and level up, in order to enter these competitions you have to train your horses accordingly, this means you have to gain proficiency in different characteristic depending the competition you want a specific horse to enter.

You also just go for a ride with your horse, with various locations available, again, new location will be available at later levels.

Friends are not forgotten in the game, and you can visit them to play with their horses or to help out in specific tasks.

You can also breed horses, combining different parents you can have foals with specific and unique skills and characteristics.

Resuming, in Horse Saga you can:
– Take care of many horses of popular breeds including: Quarter Horse, Arabian Thoroughbred, Lipizzan, Paint Horse, Selle Français, Hanoverian and more to come!
– Train & take good care of your horses to enhance their proficiency
– Compete with your friends in racing, reining and dressage
– Expand your virtual horse farm
– Donate breeding samples to the breeding station or breed with your friends
– Equip and style your horses from bridles to saddles

Overall Horse Saga seems pretty solid, and graphically very intuitive and appealing, the range of game options and variety of thing to do, make up for a very nice game experience, if you like horses off course 🙂

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Horse Saga, 4.6 out of 5 based on 23 ratings

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