Hotel City

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Hotel City is discontinued and taken OFFLINE.

Ever wondered what it’d be like to own your own hotel?
Hotel City lets you and your friends start your very own world class hotels!

With more customization options than ever before you can build your hotel in any way you please and decorate it just how you like it. With so many choices and details to perfect no two hotels are ever the same! When you’re happy just employ some of your friends to work for you and watch the coins come rolling in!

Before you know it you’ll be turning your small time hotel with a handful of rooms into a huge and thriving 5 star business!

Imagine you and your friends had your very own city where the streets were lined with hotels large and small, grand and humble. Imagine if you could start a hotel in the city and call it your own, choosing exactly what size and shape the hotel should be, where the guest rooms should be, where the restaurant should go and who should work there.

Imagine if you could employ your own friends as staff, setting Mike to work as a cleaner and Mary to work as a cook. Imagine if you could decorate every room exactly how you wanted it, from the wallpaper to the light fittings to the floors.

Imagine if you could choose from an ever growing list of different furniture to add to your rooms just how you like them to make your guests comfortable and work your way up to being a certified 5 star hotel.

Imagine taking your hotel from humble beginnings to being the greatest hotel in the city… in the whole world.

Tips and Tricks

Like Playfish’s Restaurant City, Hotel City gives you the opportunity to test your skills at managing a virtual business – in this case a hotel. Your goal is to take a small hotel and turn it into a luxury 5-star destination, by building and furnishing different types of rooms. You can also put your friends and family to work as receptionists, maids and other hotel staff, while you do more important things like shopping for Italian leather sofas and comparing wallpaper designs.

When getting started with Hotel City, here are six tips that will put you on the fast track to making your hotel a world-class destination.

1. Start by adding a bunch of budget rooms to your hotel. You want visitors to stay and pay, so the more rooms you have, the more money your hotel will earn. Your star rating also improves as you build more rooms, and you’ll be able to unlock and add cooler features faster, i.e. a fancy restaurant or a big swimming pool.

2. Like Playfish’s Pet Society, visiting your friends every day yields coins and points. Look for the pink “New” sign or the gold coins icon next to your friends’ photos. Visiting a new hotel earns you 1,000 coins, while the bag of gold coins gives you 400. Also keep an eye out for the maid’s tip jar in your neighbor’s hotels, which will bring in an additional 500 coins.

3. Poke the sleeping guests. Some will yield coins and points, and even if they don’t, it’s still worth poking them to see their funny reactions.

4. Keep the staff working so your hotel is running 24-7. Many potential customers are lost if there’s no receptionist to greet them at the door. You can do this by keeping an eye on the time at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Come back when time’s up and put your staff to work again.

5. Banish dust balls and keep the rooms spotless. If ignored, the rooms can become infested with cockroaches. The best way to keep things clean is to buy a maid’s room in the very beginning of the game.

6. Spend money in order to make money. Invest your coins into luxe wallpaper, furniture and accessories for each room. Your star rating will go up, as will your nightly room rate. You can see how individual rooms rate by placing the cursor over each and eyeballing the progress bar that goes from red (needs more decor) to green (A-OK) for each room. That extra coin will go towards unlocking features such as restaurants, bars and swimming pools for a 5-star rating.

Basic Guide and more tips

You’re given $50,000 to get started and only 1 room, your reception lobby. To begin getting customers into your hotel, you’ll need to build guest rooms, a cleaning closet, and a gym. But don’t worry, the Hotel City game tutorial will show you how to do all of these!

Hiring Staff

Hiring permanent staff in Facebook’s Hotel City reduces the cost of wages.

Your hotel can’t run by itself! You’re going to need a whole crew to keep it up and running.

When you first start your hotel, you’ll need to hire temporary staff, also known as “Temps” to run your reception desk, cleaning closet, and gym. The wages for temps are determined by 2 things.

  1. How long you want their shifts to be (the longer the shift, the more expensive they are)
  2. How many facilities you have that require workers (Ex: cleaning closets, gyms, restaurants)

An alternative to hiring temps is to hire permanent staff.

Hiring permanent staff reduces the cost of wages. To hire permanent staff, you’ll send out a feed to your Facebook friends asking for people to work at your hotel. The more friends you have who will work for you, the lower the wages you’ll have to pay!

Your Grand Opening!

You’ll earn coins when guests stay at your hotel in Hotel City!

Congratulations! Your hotel is ready for it’s big debut! Time to make some money!

You make money whenever a guest visits your hotel. How much money depends what they’re doing when they come. They could be checking into a room or working out at the gym. Here is a Price Guide so you know where you’ll earn money!

Guest rooms:

  • Budget Room: 1 Coin per 2 minute stay
  • Small Room: 3 Coins per 3 minute stay
  • Large Room: 7 Coins per 4 minute stay
  • High Ceilinged Room: 10 Coins per 4 minute stay

Commercial Rooms:

  • Gym: 2 Coins per 5 minute stay (up to 3 guests)
  • Posh Restaurant: 3 Coins per 5 minute stay (up to 3 guests)
  • Bar: 1 Coin per 4 minute stay (up to 6 guests)
  • Small Cinema: 2 Coins per 6 minute stay (up to 5 guests)
  • Swimming Pool: 6 Coins per 5 minute stay (up to 3 guests)
  • Arcade: 1 Coin per 2.5 minute stay (up to 3 guests)

Other Ways To Make Money In Hotel City

Earn Money by Visiting Other Hotels:

Every day, you can visit other local hotels (your friends’ hotels) to earn a special bonus! When you visit them, you’ll find a money bag located in their reception lobby. To claim your bonus, click on all the money bags you find while visiting friends!

Earn Money by Poking Sleeping Guests:

You can also earn coins by clicking on the guests who are staying in guest rooms. When they lay down on the bed, you can click them once to see if you got the bonus of 400 Coins! Not all guests will give you the bonus, so cross your fingers that you’ll get lucky!

Send Your Friends A Free Gift

You get more gifts to send to your Facebook friends as you level up!

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Now you can send your friends a completely free gift! Facebook Game Gift requests for Hotel City get sent to their “Requests” page. Once they’ve accepted the gift, it’ll show up in their storage in the actual game! Odds are, the more gifts you send out to your friends, the more you’ll also get back in return!

Reception Desk Emergency Calls

A newly added feature of Hotel City is the reception desk phone! When guests have complaints or emergencies, it’s your job as hotel manager to resolve these problems. Each time you resolve a situation, you’ll earn coins!

Your guests will call the reception desk when they’re too cold, burning up, or even being haunted by a scary ghost. Once you notice the green phone at the bottom of the screen, you’ll have to find the room that’s making the phone call.

Don’t worry, if you don’t see the phone or miss the call, nothing bad will happen. There are no penalties for not answering the reception desk phone.

Selling and Gifting Items

Playfish is currently working on giving you the ability to sell and gift the items you own!

Selling Items:

Selling items you don’t want anymore is a great way to earn back a little extra cash from a previous purchase. As your hotel grows, you may want to replace some of the plain standard beds that come in every guest room. Selling things like these extra beds will give you more money to buy newer and nicer items.

Gifting Items:

Gifting items is also an awesome feature which allows you to send particular items you own as gifts to your friends. This is great when you’re trying to help out a fellow hotel friend who is just starting up and could use a little motivation!

Levels and rewards

Level 1

  • 0 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Budget Rooms

Level 2

  • 3 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Small Room, Cleaning Closet

Level 3

  • 100 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Gym, 4 x 6 (24 Block) Space Upgrade

Level 4

  • 140 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Calm Ocean Decorated Room

Level 5

  • 220 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – None

Level 6

  • 1,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Dungeon Cell Decorated Room,28 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 7

  • 4,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Retro Decorated Room,32 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 8

  • 10,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – 4 x 7 Space Upgrade, Modern Macho Decorated Room,40 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 9

  • 21,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Posh Restaurant

Level 10

  • 33,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked -45 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 11

  • 46,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Victorian Decorated Room

Level 12

  • 59,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Neptune Decorated Room and Bar,50 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 13

  • 80,000 Hotel Points

Level 14

  • 102,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Large Room,Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 15

  • 127,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Space out Decorated Room

Level 16

  • 157,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – 66 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 17

  • 192,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Tropical Decorated Room

Level 18

  • 228,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Tiki Decorated Room

Level 19

  • 264,000 Hotel Points.
  • Unlocked – 77 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 20

  • 300,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – 5,000 Coins, Ragnarock, Space Out and Garden Cupcake Cafe

Level 21

  • 338,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Nursery Decorated Room,84 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 22

  • 379,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Rock Star Decorated Room

Level 23

  • 435,000 Hotel Points

Level 24

  • 493,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – 96 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 25

  • 557,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Japanese Decorated Room

Level 26

  • 628,000 Hotel Points

Level 27

  • 701,000 Hotel Points

Level 28

  • 777,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – 108 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 29

  • 871,000 Hotel Points

Level 30

  • 965,000 Hotel Points

Level 31

  • 1,071,000 Hotel Points

Level 32

  • 1,189,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – High Ceilinged Room, 120 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 33

  • 1,333,000 Hotel Points

Level 34

  • 1,478,000 Hotel Points

Level 35

  • 1,633,000 Hotel Points

Level 36

  • 1,798,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – Olympus Decorated Room,130 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 37

  • 1,965,000 Hotel Points

Level 38

  • 2,165,000 Hotel Points

Level 39

  • 2,375,000 Hotel Points

Level 40

  • 2,596,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – 140 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 41

  • 2,828,000 Hotel Points

Level 42

  • 3,071,000 Hotel Points

Level 43

  • 3,326,000 Hotel Points
  • Unlocked – 150 Block Space Upgrade Available.

Level 44

  • 3,594,000 Hotel Points

Level 45

  • 3,875,000 Hotel Points

Level 46

  • 4,170,000 Hotel Points

Level 47

  • 4,480,000 Hotel Points

Level 48

  • 4,806,000 Hotel Points

Level 49

  • 5,148,000 Hotel Points

Level 50

  • 5,507,000 Hotel Points

Level 51

  • 5,884,000 Hotel Points

Level 52

  • 6,280,000 Hotel Points

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