HotRod Racer

  • Genre: 3d car racing
  • Developer: GriN
  • Monthly Users: 1
  • GD Star Rating

HotRod Racer is a 3D social webgame in which you create races and challenge your friends. As you progress you gain experience, discover new cars, unlock decals, and much more. What are you waiting for? Start playing today!

HotRod Racer, is 3d racing game for Facebook, reminder of old time games, the game plays actually pretty well considering we are talking about a type of game and technology available only to retail games not so long ago. 3d games aren’t new to social platforms, there are already FPS games, a some other, but to have a really 3D car racing game is quite a nice surprise.

There aren’t many options in the game, but hey, it is a racing game, you have a garage where you can customize your car, paint it and get some other cars as you gain experience.

And you have the races, you can create challenges or participate in other players’ challenges, the races are played in online delayed mode, by other words, you play against real players in delayed mode, the game records each player time, and when you play you see other cars but with final times already defined. When the last player in one challenge ends play, it is possible to replay the race and watch it. So there is no need for all player to be online at the same time.

Graphics are great, gameplay is standard, you only have accelerate, brake a turn options. In the end HotRod Racer is a really enjoyable racing game to play with your friends.

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HotRod Racer, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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