Idle Worship

  • Genre: Simulation, Management
  • Developer: Idle Games
  • Monthly Users: 10000
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Idle Worship is new Facebook game where you play as a god developed by Idle Games. You get your own island and a full hand of godly powers, create your own followers the Mudlings, build houses, create trees and rocks and whatever you can think of. Idle Worship resembles Pocket God but adds city buildings mechanics, expansion and PVP features for greater deepness and playability.

Play synchronously with anyone on Facebook to build the largest religion as you vie for the worship of friends, strangers and the rather dim indigenous population called Mudlings. As you develop your civilization, protect your followers from real-time attacks by other gods and the vile Gel Bags. Rule by fear and terror or kindness and compassion…the fate of your flock is in your hands.

Idle Worship gameplay is excellent, really top notch graphics, animations and sounds, great tutorial, original mechanics and features, and deep multiplayer interaction schemes.

The main goal is to have the highest number of followers possible, creating a loyal legion of Followers is easy, if you know how to do it. First, every mudling you create on your own islands counts as a Follower, but don’t take him for granted: allowing him to starve or get fat will cause him to stop following you. Also, every Convert and Prophet you create will count as a Follower (and will generate permanent Followers to contribute to the cause). Lastly, any Mudling praying to you anywhere in the world via an altar will count as a Follower. See? You’ll have Followers coming out of your ears soon.

Besides you own followers, you can also try to get followers from other players, all you have to do is make a Convert or a Prophet. Prophets can be made by blessing the ever loving -er- mud out of another God’s Mudling. When the blue faith meter completely covers the green, you can make a Prophet. Converts, on the other hand, are created by cursing foreign Mudlings so much that they stop believing in their own gods. Click the ‘Convert Now’ button when their faith is low enough, and he’ll start generating followers for you. Just be careful who you mess with. Love is fickle.

Much the same way, if your followers are not happy they can be converted and follow another player.

Cast god powers, build stuff, upgrade stuff, answer prayers. All of this will give you XP, and more XP makes you level up more often. You’ll get stronger gradually, and unlock more powers as you go.

Spread your godly seeds throughout your realm by selecting one of the whirlpools in your Islands view. If you’re the correct level and have the required amount of Followers, you can create an Island just like that.

Idle Worship is a really great and funny and enjoyable Facebook game, try it!

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