InFAMOUS Anarchy

  • Genre: Strategy, Role Playing
  • Developer: Mob Science
  • Monthly Users: 1100
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InFAMOUS Anarchy for Facebook is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the Militia and other forces of evil have sunk their claws into every last corner of your city and it’s up to you to reclaim it.
You’ll face Militia Soldiers, Reapers, Monsters, Bosses and, perhaps most important, you’ll have to choose between Good and Evil. Super powers alone won’t get you through this journey. You’ll need to build your Faction and become stronger than those who oppose you. On your way you’ll have to rebuild your own home district and complete Quests.

InFAMOUS Anarchy is a sort of Facebook counterpart of the console release Infamous 2. Instead of playing the Console hero, you start by customizing your avatar, an electric powered super hero.

Your mission is to electrify everything around you and by doing this saving your city, you start with a small Amp city area that you have to rebuild and electrify, you have to build houses and other structures, decorations and clean up trash.

Your also have to do some farming, yes farming, it comes in the form of coal, batteries, fuel and other, but the process is the same as in other games, you have to place amp farms, where you then have to plant your items and later do the harvesting.

As for the quests and story of the game, besides growing up your on turf, you have to go on missions on other districts, to clear specific regions, each one is a mission, where you have to defeat the various enemies, reenergize buildings and to end it, defeat a level boss.

Socially speaking, the game features player vs player gameplay, but it comes down to who has the biggest friends’ pool, and to the items and armor used by each.

You also need friends to staff some of your building such as the power plant as an alternative of paying Facebook credits to do it.

You also start with a NPC neighbor by the name of Zeke, at Zeke’s place you can craft special items like decorations and armor to use.

Overall InFAMOUS Anarchy is just another farming/city building Facebook game for Infamous 2 fans, even if the game has little to do with its console counterpart.

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