Iron Grip: Marauders

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: ISOTX
  • GD Star Rating

Iron Grip: Marauders is a strategy browser game that you can play using you Facebook account. Whether you are sailing above the world in your own Marauder Airship, or engaged in ground and base combat, you are able to see the game in a way no browser game has ever looked before.

Using 3D tactical combat with strategic browser gameplay, players assume the roles of airship captains able to take advantage of research and engineering to create an entirely unique army to combat enemies with. Choose to fly solo or fight together with other captains in alliances for maximum efficiency! The options are yours – and only you can decide what course to take.

You have to build up your home base, recruit and train troops and gather resources to help you grow.

Fight other players or the A.I. in fast-paced, real time battles. Control your troops and move them across the battlefield in top 3D graphics battles.

By completing missions, you will gain experience which allows you  to level up and recruit more officers. You can later in the game have more than one base and expand your territory.

Iron Grip: Marauder also features research, where you can develop and upgrade several technologies including weapons, crucial to your success.

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