Island Paradise

  • Genre: Farming, Simulation
  • Developer: Meteor Games
  • GD Star Rating

Escape to your very own Island Paradise! Grow exotic crops, raise animals, cook recipes and build your dream home. Check out your friends’ custom islands and see what they’re up to. While there, will you help them or help yourself to some of their harvest?

Island Paradise gameplay is extremely similar to farming games, just on an island setting. For example, you plow, plant, and harvest crops, trees and animals on your Island Paradise to get experience and coins. You can also grab up trash, pearls, treasure, and bugs to help add more coins or experience as well.

Island Paradise is extremely similar to other farming games and other Facebook games like Jungle Extreme that have the same exact basis. While this social game has an island theme and you play as a little stranded character, it still only offers the same basic type of gameplay that you are already used to in so many other social games on Facebook.

There are several pages of different items that you can purchase (decorations, trees, animals, and so on), but they all have level requirements and most require level 7 or above. This alone pretty much puts new players away, as the feeling of progression is very slow.

Tips and Tricks


Earning Island Paradise coins

* Sell your crops – Growing and selling your crops is the best way to earn coins.

* Sell unwanted gifts – If you have unwanted gifts, you can always sell them to earn coins.

* Harvest animals – Harvesting your animals will also earn you coins.

* Steal crops – Stealing your friends crops and selling them will also earn you coins.
* Harvest trees – Harvesting your trees will earn you coins.


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Island Paradise Gameplay

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