It Girl

  • Genre: Virtual World, Dress-up
  • Developer: CrowdStar
  • Monthly Users: 100000
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Shop and party with all your friends. Play It Girl, the most stylish game around!

It Girl is centered around the teenage and young adult female audience. Built in an almost MMO-style, the game centers itself around city life and the collection of the hottest new outfits. It’s certainly a different concept from other female-oriented apps (e.g. Mall World), but the originality, which isn’t always a bonus on Facebook, doesn’t detract from our opinion of the game.

In It Girl, you get to customize your girl’s look, shop at all sorts of stores for new clothes, earn money and spend money on clothes, you can also go to the salon in order to increase your hotness level. You have to increase your closet bonus by increasing the size of your clothing collection. You can also challenge other girls to a showdown to see who is the ultimate It Girl, this is done by attending parties or just by walking down the street.

Girls and fashion fans will for sure love It Girl!

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Frisky Hands-On: CrowdStar’s It Girl

IT Girl

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It Girl, 2.4 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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