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Play America’s Favorite Quiz Show – Jeopardy!
Jeopardy! has joined the growing list of games based on game shows that have been popping up on Facebook. It plays out just like a shortened version of the real game, and of course the classic sounds and music are included.

Jeopardy on Facebook is based on the famous Tv version and equally it is divided into three rounds. At the beginning of the first round, the game announces six trivia categories with five possible clues a player can try to answer. Each clue in each category has a monetary value attached to it.

Players must answer a question in each category, but can effectively choose the difficulty of the question by selecting the dollar value they wish to buy. One of the categories will trigger a Daily Double, where players must wager at least $5 on their answer to the question.

After the first round, you will proceed into Double Jeopardy, where monetary values are doubled. Otherwise, play will proceed as it did in the first round.

The third round brings you into Final Jeopardy, where you are presented with a category and asked to wager some portion of your winnings in the first two rounds. At the end of the game, you win however much money you earned through correct answers.The only difference from the Tv Show to the Facebook game is that answers are presented in a multiple choice format instead of direct answers.

Jeopardy is actually quite nice if you want to test your knowledge in a really difficult set of questions, on the downside is the little social interaction.

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