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  • Developer: Tecmo Koei Singapore Pte. Ltd.
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JollyWood is a Facebook game, thats all about cuteness, cute animated pets, cute graphics, great soundtrack, and all this in everyones childhood dream, a tree house!

When was the last time you had great fun decorating a tree? Was it last Christmas?
Can you imagine how would it be if you were to “live” on that tree?
Now, ponder no further!! The answer is in JollyWood!!

Experience the fun of designing a great tree of excitement, not only for Christmas this time, but also for the little forest animals in JollyWood. Now, what do we have in store for them?! Facilities that range from Jacuzzi for relaxation to exciting Amusement Park Rides for fun and excitement; from easily imaginable gadgets like ladders and suspension bridges, to those beyond imagination! Buy them all!

Place and connect facilities strategically with amusing gadgets so that the animals can move around the tree freely! Make as much money as you can to create the most exciting and unique getaway spot of your dream, ON A TREE!

So, hop on and have a jolly good time with all your friends!!

Yes that’s right, this game is all about building a tree house, a great and amusing tree house, full of ladders and funny entertaining things, from library to swings, passing through crazy slides, arcade machines and balloons, its sort of an amusement park but all in one big tree.

You start by choosing your avatar from various cute pets, you are then taken through a small tutorial, where you learn how to place the platforms and connect them, this is an important detail, because if you don’t connect the pieces correctly visitors won’t be able to visits or move around your tree.

JollyWood uses energy as most Facebook games, that you spend when building things, your earnings are in the form of leaves, which you collect from the various attractions from time to time, this attractions also need to be restocked with supplies to work, all this will get you busy.

You can also visit your friends, helping them in some standard tasks already common in other games, this is reciprocal of course.

As you level up more and more attractions and items will be available.

JollyWood is just another great Facebook game, not so deep or original as others, but really suited for younger players, mainly if you have kids, try playing with them and see the result.

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Game FAQ from Official site

What are Leaves?
Leaves are the currency of JollyWood. With Leaves you can purchase various items from the Shop!

What is Energy?
Energy is needed to do various actions such as Building a Connector or Facility and Collecting earnings from them. You do not use Energy when you send Supplies to a facility.

What are Tree Points?
Collect Tree Points to level up. As you level up, you can grow your tree bigger and build more!

What are Supplies?
Supplies are needed for Facilities to operate.

What is Joy?
Joy comes from Décor. More Joy makes your tree more attractive to visitors.

What is Zest?
Zest determines how many visitors you will have. You will gain more Zest as you level up but the challenge of maintaining it is up to you!

What is Build Units?
Build-ables such as Connectors and Facilities take up Build Units. Buy more Build Units to place more!

What is Tree Space?
All objects placed on the Tree takes up 1 Tree Space each. Grow your tree to place more objects!

What is Storehouse?
Storehouse contains your Supplies. The bigger your Storehouse is, the more Supplies you can hold.

Who are Helpers?
Helpers are friendly folks who will help you gather Supplies. Purchase more Helper slots to increase the number of Helpers!

How do I get Leaves?

Collect from Facilities
You can collect Leaves from Facilities when it has used up all its supplies. Remember to resupply it after!

Collect from Connectors
You can collect Leaves from Connectors when it is full. Leaves will not generate until you have collected from it.

Daily Finds
Once a day, you can check what your avatar found by clicking on it.

Leaves Exchange
Click on “Add” found at top-left of screen to open the Leaves Exchange menu. You can purchase Leaves at the Leaves Exchange using FaceBook Credits.

Visit Friends
Visit your friends and click on their Avatar to see what they have for you daily!

Visit Ylloj
Drop by Ylloj and click on him to see what he has for you daily!

Visitor Tips
When a happy visitor leaves your tree, he will give Tips. Note that if the visitor is unable to find its way out, he won’t give extra Leaves.

How do I get Energy?

Energy Candies from Shop
You can purchase Energy Candies with FaceBook Credits from the Shop.

Send as a Gift to Friends
Send a free energy candy to your friends and ask them to do the same!

Visit Friends
Get free Energy when you visit your friends once a day. Invite more friends to play with you to gain more!

Random Reward from Facilities and Connectors
Sometimes, you can discover Energy when collecting from Facilities and Connectors! So don’t forget to collect from them on time.

Everyday’s a Jolly Day!
Log in and collect at least once a day and you may get free Energy. What’s more if you collect it consecutively for 5 days in a row, you may win a bigger prize!

How do I get Supplies?

Send Helper/s to gather supplies.
Send a Helper to gather supplies. You can purchase more Helper slots to send more than one at the same time!

Start an Expedition
Start an Expedition to gain more supplies. Remember to get friends to join your crew to gain more Supplies!

Completing Quests
Don’t forget to share with friends your rewards!

Friends’ Wallposts
Shared wall posts from friends may contain Supplies, Energy or Tree Points as rewards so don’t forget to check your walls diligently!

Why are there so few visitors to my tree?
Build Facilities and keep them full of Supplies is the surest way to attract visitors. As you level up, you can cater to more visitors on your tree. Do not neglect Joy either! By increasing more Joy, visitors will certainly keep coming back.

Why are the visitors angry?
That is because there are no Facilities available for them to use. When visitors leave your tree feeling unhappy, Zest will drop. Remember to Collect and send Supplies to your Facilities if they are already full. Build more Facilities to cater for more visitors.

No entry sign. What is this?
It means this Connector is not usable. It will not generate Leaves and is not connected to at least 2 points for visitors to pass through.

I cannot complete my Facility. Where do I get Staff?
Send request to your friends to help your Facilities out. As always there is the option of purchasing Staff with FaceBook credits. Note: You can only request once a day to each friend to help you with Staffing.

I cannot complete my Connector. Where do I get Materials?
Simplest way is to ask your friends to send them to you as gifts. Of course there is always the option of purchasing Materials with FaceBook credits. Note: You can only request once a day to each friend to send you selected Material.

Where are the settings for Zoom and Sound?
Simply click on Settings and you’ll find the option to zoom-in, zoom-out, toggle graphics quality, sound, background music (BGM) and also full screen! JollyWood looks really good in full screen so try it out!

What happens if I don’t click on the Leaves, Tree Points etc, will I lose them?
No of course not! Everything that drops will be added automatically even if you don’t click it. However every click adds to the Bonus Bar. Maintain your clicks and earn bonus Leaves!

Sometimes the visitor glows. What does that mean?
When you collect Leaves from Facilities or Connectors, visitors within range may glow yellow. Click on them immediately and they will give bonus Leaves!

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Keep coming back, as we are always updating!!

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