Jungle Jewels Flash

  • Genre: Match-3, Arcade
  • Developer: Game Duell
  • Monthly Users: 6266
  • GD Star Rating

Jungle Jewels Flash is a Match-3 Facebook game brought by Game Duell. Like Fluffy Birds Flash it’s kind of a remake of another Game Duell game, already on our Facebook Games list, Jungle Jewels. Little is changed, maybe the name with a more marketing targeted tittle, mune changed sides and little more.

Jungle Jewels Flash is played in 60 second rounds, You have to exchange the order of gems in order to form groupings of same color jewels. Get three in a row and the jewels disappear. Manage to get  five in a row and you get a multiplier gem to increase your score.

Firemode is great and is enabled by rapid matching, in this mode all jewels explode, the faster you are the longer firemode lasts.

Finally you will always be playing against and opponent, trying to beat his score, there are lots of boost you can use, and weekly tournaments.

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