Jungle Jewels

  • Genre: Puzzle, Match-3
  • Developer: GameDuell
  • Monthly Users: 10000
  • GD Star Rating

Is Jungle Jewels better than Bejeweled Blitz?

Rise as King of the Jungle in the hunt for magnificent jewels and valuable gold coins. Compete with your friends and swap jewels vertically or horizontally to form groups of three or more same-colored jewels. Adventure, discovery, and thrills at every turn make Jungle Jewels the most exciting game.

Jungle Jewels is another Bejeweled type of game , its not a new game, but as our mission is to list all Facebook games, we are reviewing it, fi you don’t know it already we think its time to!

Jungle Jewels starts out much like Bejeweled. You have to exchange the order of gems in order to form groupings of same color jewels. Get three in a row and the jewels disappear. Get four in a row and one explosive jewel is left behind. Manage to get  five in a row and a swirling vortex is left behind.

Swap the vortex with any jewel next to it and all the jewels that are the same color are removed from the board.

But Jungle Jewels take the all concept a step forward, when you start a level a group of jewels will appear in the upper left, next to the screen. Once you remove enough gems to fill these goal jewels, you are rewarded. The first reward on each screen is a gold coin. The coin is then added to your jewel board and you must get the jewel to the bottom row by removing the gems below.

Once the gold coin hits the bottom row, it unlocks part of the puzzle so you can move on to the next level. In the first stage of the game, there is just one coin. At level two, there are two and so on.

After you earn all the coins for the stage, there is a possibility to earn the same number of Jokers, one for level one, two for level two…..

You can use jokers to remove an entire line of jewels, horizontal or vertical, but when you use them you loose half your clearing bonus for the stage.

Jungle Jewels has some more twitches to it, if you had enough of Bejeweled and need a more challenging counterpart, I think you should give this game a try!

Tips and Tricks


Once all of the coins have been unlocked, you will be given one bonus task. If you are able to complete it, you will be given a special star token. The star token can be placed anywhere on the playing board, and will eliminate all of the jewels vertically and horizontally from that point.

Focus your play in the bottom area of the screen, the chances of getting bonuses are better, as you move much more jewels along the board, the exception is when you see a 4 or 5 jewel play anywhere else.

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