• Genre: Action
  • Developer: The Broth
  • Monthly Users: 2600
  • GD Star Rating

Kickmania! is an animated game. Low level violence – high level fun! Kick anyone’s butt and watch them fly… into a wall of bricks! If you kick them the farthest, you OWN them. The most satisfying app on Facebook.  Enjoy photorealistic animation with replay. Every kick is unique and fun!

Kickmania is a Facebook games where you can play with your friends and kick people as far as possible. If you kick them the farthest, you’ll own their ass, quite literally. Each kick costs $100. Get more coins by coming back every day or buy extra coins using Facebook credits!

The game is similar to Mega Drop Chiclets where you can throw yourself from the top of the mega ramp, choosing the direction and strength of the push, in this particular game you can throw your friends by kicking them, and let them know about it, the game tries to promote a little competitions between friends, calling out to the little evil inside each on of us, as long as you can keep the sense of humor it is alright 🙂

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