Kingdoms of Camelot

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: Kabam
  • Monthly Users: 50000
  • GD Star Rating

Kingdoms of Camelot is the most advanced game on Facebook, allowing you to grow your Kingdom, attack other players, and become the mightiest Lord or Lady in Camelot!

Kingdoms of Camelot its the best Kabam game for Facebook. This strategy game is one of the best in the Facebook universe, featuring deep strategy decisions and planing, maybe sometimes too much for the usual Facebook players.

Kingdoms of Camelot goes far deeper than most Facebook games,  it requires much planning and strategy.

The story begins as King Arthur has just appointed you as a Lord and has provided a modest kingdom to manage and build. The game is heavy into player versus player combat, but new player are given a week long protection called the “Mist of Avalon,” so no other kingdoms can attack until the time is up or their castle reaches level 5.

When you start the game you will need to play the tutorial, thi9s is quite extensive and requires you to have some patience to finish, but it is crucial that you do as it covers all the basics of the game and lets you get used to every aspect of it.

Kingdoms of Camelot uses gold to purchase things like happiness but power-ups require the use of gems, which are primarily purchases using real world money.

This game is huge, and requires a lot of patience, its definitely for the fans of strategy and in that it is damn good!

Game Highlights

* Grow your kingdom by building castles, barracks and more
* Build farms, mines, sawmills and quarries to gain resources to support your kingdom
* Raise an army by training your cavalry, militiamen, swordsmen and archers
* Complete quests and attack other players to increase your power
* Conquer wildernesses and barbarian camps to increase your kingdom’s riches
* Join an alliance to protect your kingdom against enemies

Tips and Tricks


Kingdoms of Camelot Tips & Tricks

Increase your resource production by conquering Wildernesses. Higher level Wildernesses give greater bonuses to Production, but are protected by more Troops. Click on a Wilderness in the Map View to see its particular bonus type and amount.

Want to shorten your building times? Assign a Knight with high-level Politics as Foreman and watch your construction times shrink. The higher their skill level, the greater the bonus! Check out your Knights’ Hall to learn more.

In battle a few troops can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Use the “Aura of Command” and decimate your enemies by increasing the marching limit of your Rally Point by 25%.

Research more than one skill at time by building an Alchemy Lab in your Second City.

Confuse your enemies by sending one troop as the first wave of attack. The single troop will block your opponent’s Watch Tower and hide the details of your main attack.

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Kingdoms Of Camelot Intro Part 1 starting the game

Training Troops and Attacking Barbarian Camps

New Troops plus additional info on might and food

Kingdoms of Camelot Gameplay

Kingdoms of Camelot-Attacking more …

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