Knight’s Story

  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: anute
  • GD Star Rating

Knight’s Story is a new Facebook game from anute. Dive into the medieval age, the age of knights and magic creatures. Conquer new territories, build your very own castle city, help your citizens and challenge your friends!

Knight’s Story attempts to merge several different gameplay elements into one cohesive whole. You can explore new areas, fight vicious creatures, and build up a castle town.

Knight’s Story is supposed to be a strategy and role playing game, features turn based combat, but your only options are to either attack or try and bribe the enemy to leave you alone.

When compared to other turn based role playing games in Facebook Deep Realms and Dragon Age Legends, the game falls behind.

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Knight's Story, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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