Kobe’s Basketball Academy

  • Genre: Basketball Management
  • Developer: CubeToy
  • Monthly Users: 100
  • GD Star Rating

Kobe’s Basketball Academy is a game where players build and train students to create the world’s best basketball academy. Facebook basketball fans, will for sure enjoy the whole game experience where Kobe Bryant himself gives great tips, guidance, and life advice to players throughout the whole experience as well as actual signed items!

You have to train your team as a whole and each of the players with personal trainings, hire new coaches, draft players, and play in various leagues.

As you gain experience and level up, new players, coaches, leagues and even videos from Kobe itself will be unlocked. In matches we will have the possibility to answer quiz question about several game situations, and your answer will influence the result of the match.
Graphically the game is very attractive with lots of animations, and great overall look. The only drop I can see is that sometimes it crashes, and it overall a bit slow.

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Kobe's Basketball Academy, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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