Legend Hunter

  • Genre: Role playing
  • Developer: Hexify
  • GD Star Rating

In Legend Hunter Facebook game, you are a young archaeologist who travels the world discovering ancient secrets and lost treasures. Uncover majestic ruins in Ancient Egypt and hack your way through the thick Amazonian rainforest in Meso-America. Zap Kroks, stomp spiders, and crack puzzles on your quest – the fate of the world depends on it!

Legend Hunter is a Facebook adventure game that allows you to be a young archaeologist who discovers ancient secrets and lost treasures in Ancient Egypt!

The race is ON. The Continent Cracker is an ancient weapon that can split open the Earth – and only YOU can stop it. Start your quest in Egypt and travel the world. Hidden clues, ancient ruins, and forgotten civilizations await you!

Tips and Tricks


Click on the tiles to dig them. Once you dig a tile, you may find a treasure chest, gold, an energy candy, or other items. Different objects (statues, pests, floor tiles, rocks) will use different amounts of energy.

Hidden Tiles

Sometimes tiles are hidden by statues and rocks and gates! Move your cursor over the tiles on the ground and the statues or rocks or gates will become transparent.


To see more of an area, left-click and HOLD on the screen, then move your mouse to “drag” the dig site so you can see more.


Tiles covered with boulders, spiders, scorpions, or crocodiles are especially hazardous to dig! They need to be dug 2 or even 3 times to be cleared. You can buy a special tool, like a Pest Fogger or Beast Zapper, to clear them in one action and with no energy loss.


Gates block off any part of a dig site that is North of the gate. Gates can only be opened by keys that match. Once you open the gate, you can dig the tiles behind it.


You can find keys several different ways: you can dig them up; you can get a key once a day from the keymaker in your home base; you can visit friends and get keys from their keymakers; and you can buy keys in the Store.


Your Energy will be used every time you dig a tile. You receive 5 Energy every 3 minutes. You can refill your energy with energy candies, coffee, receiving a gift of candy from a friend, or buying Energy Packs with diamonds.

XP and Levelling

You get XP for digging, completing Treasure Sets, and for performing various other tasks. The higher your level, the more you will unlock certain areas, get new items, and progress through the game.


Treasures are buried throughout the archaeological sites in Legend Hunter. When you collect them, they will be stored in your Treasure Chest. Some treasure pieces have important messages attached to them. You will need 5 Treasure pieces to complete a set.When you find a complete set, you will be rewarded with Gold and XP. You will also learn more about the history of this Treasure Set upon completion. You will find Treasure pieces by digging. You can also put missing pieces on your Wish list (inside your Treasure Chest) and request the pieces from friends.


You will primarily find gold from digging tiles. Your piggy bank will have a little gold for you every day. You can also get a lot of gold from completing Treasure Sets. You can also buy more gold by using diamonds. Gold can be used for decorating your home base, buying coffee-making supplies, and buying other items.


Diamonds can be used for buying an Energy Refill, buying special tools (like the Pest Fogger), buying keys, and buying special decorations. You can get more Diamonds by clicking on “Add Diamonds” on the Top Right or clicking “Add Diamonds” at the bottom of the Store. You can buy Diamonds using any method you prefer.

Active Missions

The Missions are small missions you can do to accomplish certain goals. There are often rewards for accomplishing these tasks. You will receive new missions as you complete existing ones.


Use the Map button to see what dig sites are available to explore. The map will list what portion of the site’s tiles you have dug. Some areas can only be opened with Diamonds, by having enough Friends, or by being of a certain Level. Follow the path to follow the storyline.


Click on the gift box to send a gift to other players. Gifts can include energy, gold, or keys.

Storage Chest

Your storage chest keeps all your energy, keys, and tools. You can click on the box anytime to access them. Some items inside can only be used by clicking on them. Others (like Keys and the Fogger) will be used when you are at the appropriate place on the map.


You can go to the Store to buy items and tools you would like to use in your quest. Some items are available for Gold, others are available only for Diamonds.

Neighbors Bar

The Neighbors Bar on the bottom shows you which of your friends that you have invited to be your Neighbor in Legend Hunter with you. The blue circle next to their name tells you what Level your friends are on. You can track the progress of your friends. You can see how your friends have decorated their home bases. You can visit your Neighbors’ home bases to get items, like Gold and keys.


You can share achievements with friends. Notifications will come to you when you accomplish goals like reaching a new level, completing a treasure set, or finishing a new dig site. You can also Publish your Wish List, so your friends can help with Treasure pieces you may be missing.


You can send gifts to friends, like energy, keys, and gold. You can also help them by responding to a Wish List message and sending a missing piece.

Home Base

Your home base is a very important part of Legend Hunter. You can decorate it with items bought in the store, and you can also buy special items that stay in your home and give certain rewards. A helpful piggy bank and an enthusiastic coffee machine are permanent parts of your home – the bank helps you by saving up your gold and giving you a daily reward, and the coffee machine will make you coffee (energy) depending on how you stock it. Your home also has a Keymaker, which will give you a key each day you play. You can name your home base by clicking on its name box while you’re visiting it.

The Piggy Bank

The piggy bank brings you gold every day. Make sure to visit daily, so it will have gold for you. You can also visit your friends’ homes and get gold from their piggy banks. Also, the piggy bank has one other benefit. If you dug some treasure pieces up but left them laying in a dig site, it will pick them up for you. You will see a brown parcel on the right side of the screen with your missing pieces.


Your keymaker produces a different color of key everyday. Each of your friends can provide you with a key from their home base, but the key will always be one color from the same friend (hint: the keymaker color will match the key color your friend gives you).

Coffee machine

The coffee machine in your home base will brew coffee for you. The type of supplies you choose will determine how quickly and what kind of coffee it makes. The more intense the coffee drink, the more energy you get.

Rita (your guide)

Rita is your guide, joining you in the beginning of the game. She will often give you hints as to what items are in the area where you’re digging. Rita will also help you figure out what certain treasure sets mean. Listen to her closely, as there’s more to the story . . .

Dialog Boxes

You will see dialog boxes come up when you accomplish certain goals, like new levels, or completing certain dig sites. Often times, you can share this information with your friends by clicking “Share”. You can close boxes by clicking on “Cancel”, “Share”, or “X”.

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