• Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: HitGrab Inc.
  • GD Star Rating

LevynLight is a ‘light’ fantasy RPG that’s focused on simplicity, allowing you to jump in at anytime and have quick bursts of fun throughout the day! Upgrade your equipment, complete quests and capture whimsical and original

LevynLight is a role playing game from the developers of FishHun and MouseHunt, it is a “light” role playing game, and it is supposed to be more accessible to the general Facebook game players.So lets take a closer look…

The first thing is to choose your fighting style, this means your character class and gender.

The game plays like a classic RPG, game no great animation, just some basic screens and role dicing will get you going, you are welcome by a tutorial character that will guide you through the main game options and gameplay.

All the basics of role playing are there, weapons improvement, items and character improvement.

There is a a lot of multiplayer play, as you can play along with your friends forming parties to embark in quests, where each one benefits from others  avatars strengths.

While the interface may look a by different for some, this could be a great experience for fans of more retro role playing.

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