Lucky Train

  • Genre: Train strategy, simulation
  • Developer: A Bit Lucky, Inc.
  • Monthly Users: 50000
  • GD Star Rating

 Welcome to Lucky Train! Send trains to friends all over the world while building your very own thriving county!

Lucky Train is that rarest of things, a completely novel social game. This train simulator doesn’t bear an immediate resemblance to any other game this reviewer is familiar with, console or otherwise.

Lucky Train takes the gamble of building itself almost entirely around its social mechanic, which involves creating train routes and then adding your friends to them as “stops” along the line. You load trains up with passengers from your buildings, then send them on trips to make money.

Lucky Train is perfectly playable even if you don’t get plenty of friend, since you can at least establish routes to your friends even if they don’t play the game.

Where the social mechanic takes off is when you “add stops” to a given train route, which does require the participation of your friends. The more stops on a train route, the longer the train takes to complete its route and the more money you get when the train comes into its station.

All of the decorations available in Lucky Train are themed around the sorts of things you use to decorate a model train track: little buildings, trees, landscaping.

The designs of the objects and the trains themselves also recall model trains.


Tips and Tricks


How to play Lucky Train

Create Train Routes

For trains to enter your county, you need to start by creating a train route by inviting a friend to Lucky Train. This creates a route that will originate from your county and stop at your friend’s train depot. The limit is 3 friends and this will create 3 separate train routes.

Take note that whether your friend accepts or not, the route will be created and will continue to pass by your county every few hours. This, however, will only mean you have 1 stop. Once your friend accepts, this will another stop totaling it to 2.

You can opt to delete a train at any time.

Once a train reaches your depot, choose a building that indicates a passenger is ready to travel. Look at the passenger’s information and it will indicate the amount of the fare, how many are ready and experience points per person.

Each time you add a passenger, the train will update its travel log and show you how much you’ll earn during that stop. The example above shows 2 economy passengers paying a fare of 3 coins each will give you 6. Adding that to the stop bonus (number of stops and routes), you’ll earn a total of 114.

Remember to fill up the train every time. This gives you more coins and experience points. But, you can still send the train on its next destination even if it’s not full.

Add Friends to Extend Routes

Lucky Train gives you the ability to extend routes to existing trains. Getting your train to travel around the world by extending routes (and having friends extend that as well) is exhilarating. Call it the mother lode of earning coins and experience points.

Click at any train in your queue and add a friend to its route. This will send a request and wait for them to accept. Take note that you can’t add a friend if someone from the group has a pending friend request.

The more you and your friends add to a train’s route, the more stops it will have. This is where you’ll earn more bonus coins for each stop. As an example, if the train has 5 cars and you load passengers that pay 3 each and it has 10 stops, you’ll earn a total of 150 coins as a bonus.

Upgrade Trains

You can upgrade any train, whether it’s your own or a friend’s. Clicking on any route will will show you the type of train, the speed and how many cars it can hold. Click on the upgrade button and choose one that is faster and can hold more cars.

Tip: Scroll through the choices and if you have enough coins, pick the higher valued train. You’ll see the numbers turn green which will indicate that you can purchase it.

Your Train Schedule

Your train schedule is a guide to know when the next train arrives in your county.

Scroll through your train list and at the left side of the railroad crossing are trains that are in transit. A time is indicated on how long it will take to reach your county.

At the right side of the railroad crossing are trains that have left your depot and is on its way to its next destination. The time indicated is how long it will take to reach its original station.

Place more buildings in your county to allow more citizens to reside. This will mean more passengers for the trains. Go to the store and pick a residential or commercial building. Mousing over each will show the type of passengers you can have.

The difference would be the number, type of passenger and how long it will take for one to be ready to travel.

You can also add landscape items such as flowers and trees to make it unique.

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