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Madden NFL SuperStars Facebook Review

Create your own franchise, draft NFL players, build stadiums and attract fans. Set practice sessions to keep your team fit and pit them against real NFL teams for a chance at Super Bowl rings! Compete against your friend’s teams for in-game prizes and bragging rights!

Welcome to Madden NFL Superstars!

Madden NFL Supertars is another Facebook Game from Electronic Arts, along with other Titles such Fifa Supertars or the recent World Series Superstars.

This Facebook version is like a light version of  the console versions, this game contains none of the endless micromanagement and lengthy setups common to Madden’s numbered games. Some will argue that this makes Madden NFL Superstars something other than Madden, but for many casual and social gamers, this is a good thing.

As with many other items, these can be bought with either in-game currency or Playfish Cash, which you can acquire for real-world money. Best of all, these are all real players, and Madden NFL Superstars give you more than 1,500 to choose from to take you to the Super Bowl.

These players collectively add to the team’s rating, which improves based on a combination of player statistics.

Your rating can also be improved through the practice menu, which includes exercises ranging from a 40-Yard Dash (five minutes) to a Full Scrimmage (one day). Each of these gives you additional practice points, and it’s necessary to refresh these actions since you lose practice points if you go without training for a while.

Much like FIFA Superstars, the games themselves essentially amount to skippable slideshows with commentary at the bottom, and, unless you use one of the game’s purchasable “game-changers,” it’s usually a safe bet that the team with the higher rating will win.

Best used during the course of a close game, these game changers award a set amount of points during the course of a game that could mean the difference between winning or losing.

Social networking aspects are well implemented in the form of achievements and gifts.

Game Features:

Massively Multiplayer Online Facebook Game (MMOFBG) allows millions of players to compete in the same platform.

Madden NFL Superstars empowers fans in the way few has ever done, and allows them to do much more than simply scream along the sidelines of the stadium.

Awesome graphics, superstars with real-life identities, and highly-simulated game modes all make the gaming experience here a nail-biter in every sense.

Something this huge will, however, not take you a long time to get the hang. No complex instructions, no confusing bars. A few clicks, that’s all you need to do the trick.

Tips and Tricks

Madden NFL Superstars Tutorial/Guide

Creating a Team

  • The first thing you have to do is give your team an identity!
  • Think of a name and type it into the box at the upper left corner.
  • If you click on the arrows at the bottom you can scan through many different logo types. When you have found one you like then move on to the colors.

Adding Players

The next step is to add players to your team.

NOTE – These players are real players in the NFL teams so you may see some your recognize!

Click on the “Team Management” tab at the top left menu.

You will automatically be awarded 12,500 coins to purchase your players with from the game’s store.

Click on the “Add” button in the lower left corner as shown in image above.

Now you are in the Game Store. You will only have enough money to purchase the bronze player pack so click on it to purchase.

Next you will see a screen with all 5 cards turned over. These cards have your players on the other side and the bronze pack represents lower quality players but as you advance you will be able to afford silver, gold, Platinum and Ultimate packs with much more advanced players in the game.

You can click on one card at a time or all at once.

The blue card is a “Limited Edition” Card and the back of it is shown in the second image above. These cards increase your team’s overall rating but they are under contract so they will eventually expire.

Once you have all the cards turned over and you see what you have these players are considered “Benched”

The bronze cards are the lowest ranked then from lowest to highest after that is silver, Gold, Platinum and Ultimate.

You will see some statistics of your newly acquired players on the cards as well as the position they play.

* Offensive Players:

* QB – Quarter Back

* RB – Running Back

* WR -Wide Receiver

* TE – Tight End

* OL – Offensive Lineman

* Defensive Players:

* DT – Defensive Tackle

* DE – Defensive End

* LB – Linebacker

* CB – Cornerback

* S – Safety

Next you will place some or all of these players in your offensive and defensive starting line-ups.

Starting Lineup

To add, remove, or change around players in your Offensive and defensive starting line ups you will need to first click on the “Team” button or after you turn your cards over to see new players it will automatically take you there.

Next you will need to look at the bottom left of the screen. Click on “Offense” or “Defense” to see your players that are in the game and those on the bench which will be along the bottom.

If you place your cursor over any player’s card you will see all of his stats at the bottom which may help you decide who to use.

Choosing a Mode Game

* Now you are ready to start playing!

* Click on “play” at the top left of the menu.

* You will be taken to a screen where you can choose which game mode to play in.

* A. Season Game – The more games you play in the “Season” option the faster you will level up and you can earn trophies for your accomplishments. You also win larger cash prizes and larger amounts of XP if you win in these games.

* B. NFL Pro League – You will not be able to play here until you reach level 5 of the game.

Simulator Practice

Practice points are very easy to keep up. The free 40-yard dashes only take 5 minutes, give you 3 practice points, and cost no coins. That’s 36 practice points per hour, and while it might not seem immediately important to practice, playing games in the season drains your practice points. So keep them filled.

Practice is also the fastest way to improve your team rating, because it counts for 1/3 of the rating. The other 2/3 are offense and defense, which cost much more to improve than practice. But there’s no need to spend real money on new players – you can buy them using coins that you win in games, or unlock them as you gain levels.

Use an ‘add me’ site or add people on ‘add me’ sites – including the official Facebook page for it, as when you have more neighbors, you can play scrimmages, which don’t cost you any game day tickets or count against your win/loss record, and still earn you exp, coins. And if you send people free gifts, you get free game changers, free coins, free fans, and free game day tickets.

Save your game changers for when you play harder teams.

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Madden NFL Superstars

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