Mafia Wars 2

  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: Zynga
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Mafia Wars 2 is the latest Zynga game for Facebook, if one could expect an evolution to the original Mafia War, one will be disappointed, as it is a completely different kind of game. Mafia War 2 is much much similar to Crime City, with a 3rd person view, and animated characters and locations, there are no more click bars, no more mission lists.

For fans of the the original game it will be a completely different game and maybe a great turn down, for other fans it can be a great option to play a role playing and strategy game.

You start as a small “entrepreneur” with a small turf (your land) and you have to grow your influence and power, by expanding your turf, building structures like casinos and weapon shops, or buying pieces of land and acquiring buildings that are present on those expansions.

There is a lot of recurring actions to perform, like collecting from buildings and protecting your turf from other mafia lords, all this is done by pointing and clicking on the characters.

There a a lot of things to do in Mafia Wars 2, you need to contract workers, hire friends to staff your building, fight in the arena with other players and much more.

Friends are still very important, as in Mafia Wars original, but recruiting and sending requests has never been easier, just select all and click send and the game will fill the requests for you, sweet!

Overall, Mafia Wars 2 is a great looking game, full of features, good looking and fast paced, it will be for sure a great success, but has nothing to do with Mafia Wars, and in my opinion can prevent players that didn’t liked the original to try this one, so it may take a while for Facebook users to realize this a really nice game 🙂

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Mafia Wars 2 Tutorial gameplay

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