Mafia Wars

  • Genre: Simulation, Role Playing
  • Developer: Zynga
  • Monthly Users: 100000
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Start a Mafia family with your friends, run a criminal empire and fight to be the most powerful family.

Mafia Wars is a role playing  crime genre game with over 7 million players playing daily. Mafia Wars is part of the Zynga family of games.

Brazil is a beast, so you’ll need to bring your friends to help out. We added a cool new feature in Brazil that helps you do jobs, fight, rob, and collect from properties more easily and quickly. Ask your Mafia to join your Brazil Crew, which is displayed right above your Jobs, Fighting, and Properties pages.

Once a Mafia member accepts your Crew request, you can add that person to one of 8 spots available in your Crew. A Crew member can help you get double loot for your next 20 jobs, assist you for the next 50 fights without using any stamina, or protect your Properties from being robbed for the next 18 hours.

We listened to user feedback and went back to the basics with a simplified version of Jobs that prominently displays the beautiful artwork of Brazil. There are no fight or social paths like in Italy and Las Vegas, and all jobs within a district are open once you unlock each of the five districts in Brazil. Certain jobs require gated loot items like a local informant, gas can, or button camera to progress.

Your new Brazil properties unlock when you finish the first job in each district. Like other city-expansion properties, you can make money and items. But we’ve added practical items that you use for jobs and fighting. You can make gated loot items like a local informant from your Workshop or get bonus energy from your Refinery, and bonus stamina from your Barracks.

Additionally, you’ll have a chance to earn the “Precious Items” collection when you collect from your Brazil properties. Get all 7 special gems and make sure to vault the set in your Inventory under “Collections and Vault.” Protecting your items is just as important because rivals will be able to rob from your Precious Items set.

Tips and Tricks

Begginers Guide

Once you are finished with the little introduction sequence to the game,  it is time to decide what to do next. Overall, the game has a number of different objectives and where to start is really up to you.

* Grow your Mafia family
* Keep leveling up your character
* Maximize your fighting strength
* Establish a large income
* Complete collections for special bonuses
* Earn impressive titles

Keepin’ up with the Corleone’s

Since Mafia Wars is a game on a social networking site, there is no surprise at all that it has a strong social networking component. Growing your mafia size has a surprising number of benefits:

* Ability to purchase more Mafia Mike’s, the highest return on investment property
* Ability to purchase very strong special items
* Flushing out your Top Mafia for bonuses
* Your potential cash payout from jobs is increased.
* Certain mafia sizes are required to unlock Boss fights
* Higher attack and defense for both fighting others and defending yourself
* People to trade with to complete collections faster
* The chance to meet new people who share common interests!

Though you do not need the maximum 501 mafia size to be successful, it is highly recommended you try to keep your mafia size at least equal with your level. This will allow you to always get the most from your jobs, keep the boss fights unlocked, and have a solid chance at defending your properties from all the robberies going on out there. If you can’t or are not interested in doing that, a mafia size of 16 will at least stop you from being unable to do the boss fights.

Doing your first levels

Leveling up your character gets you access to bigger and better items, loot, and collections as well as providing more skill points to make you more efficient and deadly. Leveling can be as complicated or as simple as your time and playing style allows. Every job you complete and fight you win provides XP. Every time you level up, your health, energy, and stamina are reset to their current maximums and 5 more skill points are awarded.

Since your energy and stamina completely refill when you level, it is ideal to have almost none left when you top off the XP bar. On the same note, any extra XP left over when you level gets applied towards the next level, so finishing with a big job for heavy XP will give you the most spill over. Fights yield from 1-3 XP randomly with a chance for it to be doubled based on the size of your mafia. This is all detailed in Fightin’ and Robbin’. Most of your XP for any given level will come from doing jobs.

Each time you do a job, you will be awarded a payout in cash, XP as listed on the job, a bonus payout for the size of your mafia, a percentage of the job mastery, and a chance at a loot and collection item (depending on the job). The cash payout is fairly self explanatory. For a detailed treatise on the XP per job and the effects your Top Mafia has on these percentages, refer to Doin’ the Job.

Job Mastery is important as for every level of Job Mastery, you are awarded an additional skill point. When all jobs within a given category, like Street Thug, are mastered at level 3, a special item with a bonus is awarded. You can not start leveling the next level of a job within a category until all jobs within that category have been mastered to the same level. So Job Mastery 2 for the Street Thug jobs won’t be available until you have mastered all the jobs to Mastery level 1. Finally, for every fully mastered job tier, a title is awarded based on the category. This allows you to show other mafia families how far you have advanced. For the first tier, these are Street Thug, Skilled Street Thug, and Master Street Thug. Currently, Master Boss is the highest known title.

Special Loot items and the collections are discussed in more detail in Doin’ the Job and you will also find a breakdown of what items need to be bought and found in order to do each job. If next to a job there is a red box frame around an item, it means you need to acquire that item in order to do the job. Early on, you just need to have it, but some later jobs will actually use up the item necessary to perform the job.

Early on, your best focus is to get the extra skill points from mastering jobs as quickly as possible and try to maximize the amount of spill over XP you have every time you are about to level. Collections and Loot can be focused on later. If your mafia is in solid combat shape, don’t miss out on the opportunity to further speed your leveling by fighting with other families.


At the very early levels, skill points won’t have much to do with fighting at all and most everyone’s skill points will have been spent in energy anyway. There are just a few key points to winning your fights in these low levels. First and foremost, make sure to the best of your financial ability that every member of your family has a weapon, armor, and vehicle. This means if your mafia size is 4, you ideally want 4 weapons with the highest attack value possible, 4 armors with the highest attack, and 4 vehicles with the highest attack. Whenever you are initiating combat, only the attack values matter. When you are assaulted by someone else, both attack and defense factor in.

The second key to winning your early combats is to just pick on the people with smaller families. If your mafia size is 7 and fully outfitted, you should win a fight against anyone with a family size of 6 or less. As you go up in levels this becomes less true and robbing takes on even different characteristics, but the details for these are in Fightin’ and Robbin’. These basics tips are enough to get some money and XP out of your stamina.

More energy and Energy Paks

There are three ways to get more energy. It will regenerate at the rate of 1 every 5 minutes (3 minutes if you are a Maniac). It will completely refill whenever you gain a new level. This is one of the principal facts that makes speed leveling work, outlined in more detail in the Doin’ the Job section. You can also get a full refill from the Godfather. Finally there are Energy Paks and there can be a lot of confusion over how these work when you first start playing.

Energy Paks will completely refill your energy to your current maximum and give you an extra 25%. Your energy won’t refill again until your amount of current energy drops below your maximum. If you level before you use the extra 25% energy, you will lose the extra and be reset to your maximum amount. You want to save your Energy Pak until you have used all of your energy and you have the ability to consume most of the energy before leveling. On a similar note, you want to use the highest XP payout job if it is about to cause you to level as any excess XP beyond what is necessary to level will spill over in to starting the XP needed for the next level.

You can only use 1 Energy Pak every 24 hours. Before the Top Mafia was changed from 8 members to 6 members, sending out Energy Paks would only send them to people in your mafia who were also in your Top Mafia. Now they seem to go out to everyone in your Mafia. You won’t see them as being able to be used until the invisible timer of 24 hours since you used your last one completed.

Being a better slum lord

Properties make up the financial life blood of your empire. In order to make the most of your skim, you want to make sure you are buying the properties that produce the best return on investment (ROI) first. Your properties income will be added to your cash on hand every hour (54 minutes if you are a Mogul) even if you aren’t logged in to the game. Some of the equipment you buy for your mafia, such as Chain Guns, Body Armor, and Towncars will also have an expense that is deducted from your profit every time it pays out. If this number ever goes negative, you lose money every hour, hence why smart investing is so important. A good rule of thumb is to not let your expenses (listed on the Properties tab) ever exceed 10% of your income. If buying a new item would push you over that amount, wait till you make your next property purchase.

Before we get too much further in to actual facts and figures, all advice on purchasing properties should be predicated with the following: Always buy a Mafia Mike’s whenever it is available before doing anything else. No other property comes close to its profit potential, even if you have hundreds of them already.

The basics to maximizing the property racket comes down to this, each time you buy a given property, the cost for the next one goes up by 10% from the initial base price. So if a restaurant costs $30,000 for the first one, the second will cost $33,000 and the 11th will cost $60,000. The amount that each property pays per instance stays fixed. This means that the more of a given property you have, the lower the rate of return to keep buying that property.

The second key point is that if you buy more than one of a property at a time, the unit cost stays the same. So if you were to buy 5 Rent Houses each one at a time, you would pay, $10k, $11k, $12k, $13k, and $14k for a total of $60k. If you used to dropdown to choose to buy 5 Rent Houses all at once, you would have just paid $50k. This makes the amount of time to break even significantly reduced if you buy in bulk. The game only supports buying as many as 10 at a time, so practically speaking, this means you should always save up enough money to buy 10 of what you want and then buy the full block to get the best return.

To save up the money to get started and for information about how to protect your bankroll, you should read Rollin’ a Bankroll. For more details on making the most of your properties and protecting yourself from robberies, see Property Moguls. For now, here is the list of initial purchases that will net you the best return on investment in order. Just save the specified amount of money, and get the next item on the list. You will notice, due to ROI, the Marina doesn’t even show up in your first $10 million in purchases.

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