• Genre: Strategy, Poker
  • Developer: MafioPoker
  • Monthly Users: 100
  • GD Star Rating

MafioPoker is a new Facebook that mixes strategy and poker providing a 5 in 1 game, a strategy game similar to Mafia Wars 2 and several variation of poker like Poker10, Poker100, PokerBingo and Domino Poker 99.

In MafioPoker you have to build your own forces and defenses, Form or join a Clan and win battles. Improves troops, buildings and war abilities with Poker cards, hands won or gems.

MafioPoker is a game that combines three games at once in one game specifically developed for facebook fans aged 18+.

The game tutorial isn’t easy to find and it is not auto played, so look for the quest and help button on the top of the game screen.

MafioPoker, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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