Mahjong Pirates

  • Genre: Mahjong
  • Developer: Mahjong Pirates
  • Monthly Users: 50000
  • GD Star Rating

Mahjong Pirates is a new Mahjong game on Facebook, Sail the high seas looking for adventure and treasure while solving challenging and visually appealing Mahjong puzzles. With the best game engine of its kind on Facebook, Mahjong Pirates is a breakthrough game.

You start by watching a small animated sequence about the story of the game, then you have to get to work, and build your destroyed ship, this is done by collecting ship parts, this ships parts are won by completing all the puzzles in each island with 100% success.

You will be playing mahjong puzzles from island to island, each one has several levels to complete in order to travel to the next island.

Mahjong Pirates features very nice visuals, and lots of extras, while at its core it is a mahjong puzzle game, but built in such a nice way, you have to gather ships parts, you can buy backgrounds with game money, which is sort of a collection, you have to buy the maps or ask friends for help to proceed to the next island, while seeming a little drop back, it actually diverges from a fully automated straightforward gameplay, and gives you a great sense of positioning in the game, also allowing to enjoy the beautiful visuals of the game.

As for the core gameplay. Mahjong Pirates offers several power ups, or helpers that increase the game core, like reshuffle or extra time.

Socially, you can send and ask for gifts, or visit your friends ships to see how they are going in their journey. Overall Mahjong Pirates is a really nice and enjoyable mahjong experience, that you should try.

Tips and Tricks

 How to play Mahjong Pirates

Hitting the “How to Play” button next to the play now in the game will bring a small FAQ divided into several pages, with all the game basics, here are a few screens:

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Mahjong Pirates, 3.7 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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