Mahjong Saga

  • Genre: Mahjong
  • Developer:
  • GD Star Rating

Travel the Mahjong islands and solve the puzzles of ancient Mahjong Masters.

Mahjong Saga is another suggestion to our Mahjong games list, developed by, which also has games like Bubble Saga or Puzzle Saga, playability is assured. Mahjong Saga is a very solid and enjoyable game, levels are well built and the learning curve very good.

You can compare yourself to your friends at any time, all levels feature a ranking, and the game is played like a journey, where you have to follow a path,and travel from island to island and you can see your friends along the way, each time you pass through a friend you have the chance to let him know, in a sort of challenge.

Along the game as you finish stages, you get boosts to help you out. In its genre, Mahjong Saga manages to be a very enjoyable game, with nice graphics and gameplay.

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Mahjong Saga, 4.0 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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